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Safety netting

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Amelie (Bazzo-nl) says:

Hey all,

Here's a little dialog about safety netting..

We are preparing ourself and our home for the presence of a little dog, and so Amelie needs adjustments too.
So i was thinking about safety netting (like JenDave has, refering to his dog: www.flickr.com/photos/49391875@N02/4679492139)

What is your experience with that?
Is there a huge difference between a woven and knotted variant? (exept for the price, the woven one is cheaper..and so preffered offourse).
And does anyone know how long it lasts? I mean, how long does it take UV-light and other weather influences to destroy it?
Does one take it off when the season is over? (like; take it home and put it in the washingmachine or so?)

Ehm, it's not a very interesting toppic i suppose, but i'm curious about your opinions concering safety netting..

Gr, Sebastiaan (Amelie 473)
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jendave1 says:

I think the dog feels more comfortable with the safety netting, but after his early 'doggy overboard' adventure he knows how cold it is in the water and isn't keen to repeat the experience! I'll post the pic of him feeling sorry for himself...
He's getting old and a bit blind now, and he walks along the side deck brushing against the netting so he knows where he is.
We only found the knotted netting, and it lasted the season well - we did take it down and put it through the washing machine (inside a pillow case) and it looks fine for this year too. Based on experience so far it should last a fair few years, but if you catch something in it your likely to rip it, it isn't that strong.
A bit tricky to put on and get it looking neat, I wove a bit of washing line through the top to hold it to the safety rail, and ran a line along the bottom threaded through the netting; this was held down at the stanchions with cable ties. I seem to remember spending about 4 hours to get it looking OK. You also need to watch cutting too close to the edge or it can come undone, if you see what I mean.
All I can say is it works well for us; I also find it useful to pack the lowered foresail against without it hanging over the side.
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jendave1 says:

Another thought, recommend you get the little dog a lifejacket.
Not really for the flotation (but it must help), but mostly for the handle on the back which you can grab and pull him out, or get a boat hook through. Also helps to keep him warm when he does get wet.
Gizmo isn't keen on wearing things, but seems to like his lifejacket - when he puts it on he knows where he's going and I think feels a bit like a uniform to him - he is the skipper after all!
Will post another pic of him dressed up for sailing.
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