G4NLA1 9:26pm, 25 March 2011
Hi All

I move back aboard Little Plum in about 3 weeks. Having lived in a caravan for the latter part of winter, the idea of pottering around on LP fills me joy. ( Albeit that the company that pays me a retainer can call me back at will - but that is more pennies in the bank )

I have been taking some advice, and, on the whole, Little Plum is sound. I plan to upgrade her VHF to DSC.. and invest in some green/red wool tell-tales on her shrouds ( Snifter take note !! ). In addition, a 'reasonable' video camera. The plan, if there is one, being to do a bit of a 'Dylan Winter' around and about the Bristol Channel.

Oh -> and we are going to have a go at using the Android version of Navtex. It seems a bit slow to me at the moment, but Little Plum will be issued the latest version for the epad when it is released in the next beta version. ( Bet I drown the epad !)

I love sailing down to Cardiff, but I am really looking forward to going back to Thornbury Sailing Club where Little Plum and her crew were made to feel so very welcome. It is of course at their Pill that I learned that a single fin A24 would sit quite happily in the mud - and re-float.

Finally, I hope everyone has a wonderful sailing season. Even the bouncy bits !!


Slycat777 8 years ago
How do you find the epad in general? Was going to get one but hearing mixed reviews. Does it play video ok ?
farmer boy 8 years ago
Are you living on the boat now? .... and what is a Dylan Winter? ....and....did your yacht stay upright in the mud - amazed if so!!!!
I guess Navtex is a popular navigation aid?

Sorry to be so ill informed!

G4NLA1 8 years ago
My current ePad is a bit 'clunky' - For example, it can take it up to 30 seconds for it to realise that I have changed it's orientation. So it is pretty rubbish compared to an iPad. However... I am being sent an upgraded unit for evaluation over the next few weeks. Watch this space.

No I am not living on the yacht right now, but will be in about 3 weeks.

Dylan Winter ? - Is a professional camera man and amateur yachtsman. For some free videos get onto youtube and do a search for 'Keep Turning Left' - or go to www.keeptturningleft.co.uk. He makes short documentaries about sailing, our coastline and rivers.

I was surprised too ! - Bristol channel mud is very gloopy - and she just settled down bolt upright. It was very strange stepping aboard and LP not moving at all.

Navtex provide some really good navigation software for the iPhone and ( I think ) the iPad.


rothwell_neil 8 years ago
For £15 buy the KTL 4 DVD set, best thing on youtube and the high Definition versions are large. For the record I have the HTC Desire running 2.2 Android. No complaints on the speed in general and the Navtex runs fine with no real delays unless you are trying to update the maps of the land as it downloads those on the 3G (or GPRS) network. Turn this off and I have never had an issue over speed and think that for the money excellent value. I was thinking of a tablet running Android as these are now very cheap compared to the ipad and performance is very good. However don't need one as have more toys than I presently have eyes to use!
Amrum 9171Y 8 years ago
Glad to hear you've treated LP to some new telltales, Gee! She must look very smart!
Let me know when you fancy coming up to Thornbury again, and if Snifter isn't back in the water, I'll come and crew for you. Perhaps we could combine it with a trip to Lydney as well.
The mud in our Pill will happily accommodate a 6 foot keel - it seems to have an incredible depth! It does get everywhere though. The worst thing is relaunching after repainting everything. The first time you pick up the mooring lines, which have been resting in the mud 14 hours a day for however long the boat has been off the mooring, you cover everything in mud - including yourself. Very depressing, but a good excuse to leave the boat in the water all the time!
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