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Fitting a strong point

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Slycat777 says:

This weekend tasks include attaching eyelets to my hatch covers at the rear and fitting cleats so I can cleat the hatchs shut (idea stolen from another group user), and some more deck sanding.

I'd like to fit a few 'strong points' on the deck, one for clipping my harness line to, and one at the back for fitting the liferaft painter.

Any recommendation of a piece of hardware to do this? Or just an eyelet with a backing plate?
2:00AM, 2 March 2011 PDT (permalink)

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Skykomish E29 says:

We have used a single eyebolt on Skykomish for the forward anchor point for our jackstays.
I drilled through the deck, then using a sharpened "allen " key in my battery drill, raked out the core directly under the hole. Taped over the underside and poured in thickened epoxy. This has the benefit of making the deck "crush" resistant when you tighten up the bolt. we then re drilled the hole for the eye bolt dropped it in and fitted a s/s backing plate and penny washer under the nut, also a penny washer on the deck under the eye.
Other places we have done the same thing with "U" bolts.
Originally posted 104 months ago. (permalink)
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Slycat777 says:

Great, thanks!
104 months ago (permalink)

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rothwell_neil says:

If you check out the deck there are areas that are not balsa cored. I have safety line ubolts on the side deck by the cockpit where there is no balsa and also at front of cockpit in the wall of the well below the companion step. Neither of these are an issue and thick single skin glass so happy to take a U bolt.
104 months ago (permalink)

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