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Black wire corrosion

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rothwell_neil says:

Tip for the day, if you are trying to use old wire it is common for the copper to go black due to oxidisation. It is difficult to get an electrical contact to this and it is also almost impossible to tin the ends. I stripped most of the old wiring out of Emily but not down the mast and so wanted to tin ends for new deck connection.

Any source of weak hydrochloric acid works perfectly well for this and I used brick acid from builders merchants for cleaning snots and cement stains off bricks. Also good for cleaning concrete paths. Anyway a quick dip in a thimble full of this and you have bright shiny copper that will give a good connection or takes solder perfectly. Don't need a gallon so 'borrow' some off a friendly builder.

Any path cleaner that has hydrochloric listed will do the job. Only weak but still keep off hands and clothes.

Other tip is don't buy multicore solder from the DIY shop that is listed as lead free, it is rubbish compared to the old 60:40 lead solder.
12:39AM, 10 March 2011 PDT (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

Thanks for that tip, Neil
104 months ago (permalink)

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