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Jacking up an A24 to access the underneath of the keel.....

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farmer boy says:

Has anyone done this? I simply wish to clean up and prime the very bottom of the keel - it is sat on a trailer at the moment. Just wondering if it is safe to support the boat anywhere other than the keel? I don't have anything with enough grunt to lift it using straps or the lifting eye/bracket.
9:38AM, 8 March 2011 PDT (permalink)

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blueachilles says:

We usually slap a bit of antifoul on the bottom of the keel while she is being craned in. Also on the patches where the cradle supports have been.
102 months ago (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

I agree with Rod. Clean up as best you can with a paint scraper. Use rust converter/prime what you can and do the last bit while she is being craned in. In the past I've timed my crane in for first after lunch at Howth marina. Crane operator has been kind enough to lift her and leave in slings over lunch so I can attend to keel. Antifoul doesn't seem to need to be dry before immersion as it hasn't washed off despite and immediate 4 hour sail to Skerries
102 months ago (permalink)

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jendave1 says:

Funny enough...
I've just done what you're talking about, using equipment you might be familiar with - see photos!
I wanted to sand back and get rid of the rust, it's now painted with the first coat of 'rust bullet' which in theory should keep it sound for a while.
There were some adverse comments when I said what I was planning to do, but I bought one tin of the stuff for about £45 and one coat has been less than 1/4 of the tin. I looked at the ingredients and it's quite similar to hammerite but with aluminium and superglue in it. The other comments were about anti-foul won't stick to it - my plan is to overcoat with red oxide and antfoul over that.
Basically we lifted one end of the boat and put a bale of hay under it, then lifted the other end and put the bale onto the trailer. There are beams on the bales to get the height, and old tyres to protect the boat (although they're squashed flat and you can't see them in the photos). Lifting was done by a loadall with a tractor tyre on the forks.
Don't listen to me though, I'm making this up as I go along but the others have more experience. My way is cheapest though probably not the best!
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songeur2010 says:

I clamped a steel channel across the cradle front and rear then jacked and packed the until the boat was high enough. I did this twice, once to remove the keel and then to clean and anti foul it. I guess you need to be on a cradle for this to work. Have a look at my photo stream, there are some photos of it raised.
102 months ago (permalink)

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