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Attaching spreader spockets

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Slycat777 says:

Eventually got the old spreader sockets off the old mast (curse you friend who told me drilling out rivits was easy!)

Few questions about putting these on the new mast: (see the pics I posted)

I assume this style of spreader socket is typical? Some rivits and a bar that goes through the mast to which the lower stays are attached.

I assume these are stainless steel and prone to cause corosion if directly on the alu mast, what do people use between the sockets and the mast? The old stuff was falling apart, hard to tell.

What material for the round cylindar that goes through the mast? The bit that the stainless bolt goes through that the lower spreaders hang off?

Lastly, on my old mast the upper stays were attached to something simlar execpt it was just the bolt that went through the mast (no actual fitting or spreader socket), is this also typical!

Sorry for the 1000 questions! I get nevous about such critical components ;)
Originally posted at 6:46AM, 20 February 2011 PDT (permalink)
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busy home [deleted] says:

Use Duralac anti corrosion paste between s/s and alloy..
Monel rivets are best.
There are various attachment ideas . on masts . dont be tooo fussy
Post a photo of the whole mast (the new one) To remind me ..
It was difficult to see when hanging with the others ..
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