Snow Goose Tim 8:17pm, 19 February 2011
thought i would start my own discussion where I can keep everyone up to date on snow goose's story. She served me very well last season after purchasing her from ron. I litrally did nothing, ron helped me Rig her and she sailed all season after 5 years ashore the only incident was a minor case of the deck lifting but i carried out the necessary repairs on the mooring and the rest of the season was great. However after learning alot about the boat i decided to pull her apart and go to town on her this winter. The exterior is nearly complete, new windows new teak rubbing strips. all deck fittings removed and re sealed a remodeled pushpit. Im very excited about her new sleak look!! the interior is stripped back to bare and ready for work to commence! One question i re-seated my stantion bases today the fwd ones seem to lean in a fair bit i can not remember whether this is correct i would expect them to lean out for the genoa, can any one rest miy mind at ease on this? i will get some pics tomorrow if i make it to the boat.
NormanKlipspringer 8 years ago
Tim, Have a looka t this picture of Archimedes. The stanchions seem to me to be pretty well vertical, if this means anything on a boat.
Like the idea of keeping all your commenst discussions and questions etc in one area. Makes it easier to check back in the future and easier for me to index.
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
Checked my memory and amazingly close to the photos. The stanchions forward of the cockpit are slightly leaning out due to the genny sheets putting pressure on them. The others are all fairly straight with the exception of one that seems to have an inward lean which I put down to years of over tensioned safety line. I have never bothered as they are secure and solid after i poured epoxy into the gap between the aluminium base and glass cup. Had to fix two of the broken cups by glassing on the inside.
Snow Goose Tim 8 years ago
Had snow goose out for her first sail yesterday, certainly had a good shake down, it was blowing 20+ knots. Had my speed log running for the first time on her, have not had it caliberated but reached 7.6 knots. Got rather damp on the journey home wind against tide pushing up a 5 - 6ft swell. very impressed with how she handled it although we did take on rather alot of water.

I used my engine well plate for the first time, what an amazing idea they are! increased the boat speed by just over a knot.
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