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Well - I have made a start with repairs....

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farmer boy says:

I bought scrapers and an orbital sander plus loads of masks, gloves, overalls, etc...etc... that was the easy bit. I had no idea what a horrible job scraping the bottom of a boat is!
I planned to just get rid of the flaky stuff but have ended up taking most of it off - still a long way to go - it is so tedious!
There are two layers of antifoul which scrape off but underneath that is some green stuff which does not scrape off - what is it?

I tried a bit of Nitromors on the metal bit of the keel and it was MUCH easier... is there a "special" paint stripper for Antifoul you would recommend? I dont think Nitromors is suitable for gelcoat..?

Also, I have managed to make a few scratches with the scraper - what shall I fill them with? Seems to be a mind-boggling array of fillers available!!!

There is a 3 inch gouge in the hull ....
I guess this should be filled as well... am I likely to get a similar colour gelcoat?

The chain locker lid is a bit bashed.. has anyone managed to repair this type of damage?

This bolt holding the spreaders in place looks a bit dodgy... is it the correct fitting?

.....and this hole seems worn... is it a problem?

I have found an online supplier (Mailspeed) who seem to have everything I am likely to need... antifoul, filler, nuts and bolts etc... are they recommended?

..... it looks like I have bought a fair bit of work!

ps I have put all the pics in the group photostream as well....
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pjbharrison says:

There are anti foul paint removers like Dilunett available. They are mixes of Caustic soda which doesn't attack plastic. A cheaper alternative I've used is to mix Caustic soda (Tesco) with water, always add soda to water not water to soda (explodes) and add a packet of wallpaper paste. This make a thick paste which doesn't slide off vertical surfaces. Paint it on late in the evening and scrape it off next morning. At this time of year it should stay damp overnight.

The plastic padding fillers are quite good and set in 10 minutes or so. Both the marine filler and the gelcoat filler are white. Both are available from Woodies shops or a motor factors such as Halfords. Chandlers tend to be a bit dearer.
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