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How much antifoul do I need and what sort?

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Vidwatts says:

I've been trying to work out how much antifoul I'll need for Aeolus - I've used some some on-line calculations but get a different result from each method, so how much do I need for a triple-keel A24?

I'm also increasingly confused about what to buy. Aeolus sits on a semi-drying mooring on the Thames. When she's afloat the tide is running at upto 4kts and there doesn't seem to be a particular fouling problem - I can't remember what Malcolm used before but there wasn't much growth after probably 18months afloat.

I'm thinking of a hard antifouling as she's on a drying mooring (not convinced it'll do a lot for the boatspeed compared to other types though).

I've looked a International, Seajet,, Seago, XM, Hempel etc. and I'm not clear what benefits you get from paying £100 compared to others at £50.

Oh, and I'll also need a primer as Aeolus was sandblasted back to the gel coat, but I assume I'll get the companion one for whichever antifoul I select.

Advice please!
10:27AM, 6 February 2011 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

2,5 litres for 2 coats on a fin with spare..
international micron is good here,
Im wary of gell shield ,, anti osmosis stuff,
Primocon alone my choice,
105 months ago (permalink)

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blueachilles says:

We used Cruiser Uno last year, and it worked well, so I bought some more today at a boat jumble; £45 for 3 litres, £59.99 online.
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Andrew Curry says:

Ive used Seajet,Bakes and Seago in the past. performace wise i think Seajet has been the best.
105 months ago (permalink)

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Skykomish E29 says:

I used Shogun soft antifoul which I found very good I used it a couple of times with good results and not too expensive 2.5 litres is not quite enough when brushed on, I used this also because they did a nice shade of dark blue that contrasted nicely with the pale blue hull.
Also got a good write up in yachting press.
I would be inclined to go with Ron's suggestion of primocon as a base coat.
Try and have her out of the water at least every other winter and you shouldn't have any need to epoxy her at all.
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Scott and Portia1386 says:

I used to use International but last year used Flag extra performance from Tool Station approx £50.00 for 2.5 Litres. Just managed two coats from one tin and it seemed to work well. Portia sits on a permanent swing mooring in the Holy Loch.
105 months ago (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

Used XM2000 last year. Got it cheap at boat show. At launch the trailer support patches and bottom of keel were painted with International cruiser uno. Xm changed colour from navy to blue on contact with water, uno stayed navy. At end of season XM coated area was clean but cruiser uno areas had barnacles and growth!
Industrial powerhose at Howth marina left hull ready for repainting.
I'd scraped and sanded hull back and treated with primocon. Took just under 2.5ltrs for 2 coats.
This months PBO has some reviews of International products.
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rothwell_neil says:

Went with flag cruising as on special offer, just over 2 litres for 2 coats on a fin using a roller. Worked well with some slime but no barnacles after 16 months.
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Super Snoopy 050 says:

Both Snoopy and Super Snoopy are kept on half tide moorings, with a good old Bristol Channel flow. We use Blakes (now Hempel) Performance Cruiser antifouling, only one coat per season. Perhaps the high flow inhibits growth of the nasties. As the antifouling is self eroding, it's just about gone at the end of the season and therefore only needs a good powerwash and a light rub down with wet and dry to be ready for the new season. Hempel Underwater Primer covers the gelcoat. A 750 ml tin just does a triple keel A24 when applied with a small lambswool roller.
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Vidwatts says:

Thanks for your thoughts - I've ended up with some Seajet 037 Coastal hard antifouling. It was recommended by my local chandlers as being good for the Thames and for a semi-drying mooring. It also wasn't too pricey at around £45 for 2.5l. I also bought Primocon as the primer for the bare grp - first coat went on today but it was a bit cold and raw to hang around a few hours to put the second coat on.
104 months ago (permalink)

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