Vidwatts 11:32pm, 20 December 2010
I'm thinking about some lovely new jib sheets and halyards for Aeolus as part of her seasonal refreshment. Some her running rigging is rather old, though there is decent modern rope for the mainsheet and vang.

I've seen the dimensions in the specification on the website: are these what everyone is using?

What's your recommendations for both rope types and sizes - anyone try any of the modern materials?

Also, any recommended suppliers?
jendave1 8 years ago
I replaced halyards with 8mm lyros braid, which works well and looks good with different colours for main & jib. Our sheets are braid also, came with boat (12mm?) nice to handle. Got the lengths from the achilles site.
Also fitted a braid topping lift, after 3 months noticed wear where it passes through the pulley so maybe terylene would be better there.
Jimmy Green Marine give good prices & deliver all the way up here - check for special offers!
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
I find that you can get some good deals at the boat jumbles if you can get there. I like 12mm for genny and main as easy to grab hold of and braid is soft on the hand.
Vidwatts 8 years ago
What length are your jib sheets? The spec on the website is for 50ft/15m.

The current jib sheet on Aeolus is continuous, with a whipped-in bight midway from which a short rope is used to make a bowline to attach to the clew.

I'm more used to separate sheets, each attached to the clew so was thinking of 2 x 7.5m 12mm braid-on-braid?

Jimmy Green have an attractive 28% discount before the end of the month but I think I'll wait to see what I can pick up at the Boat Show, or else find a boat jumble later in the year,
rothwell_neil 8 years ago
I will measure mine as in the garage.

I like going for a mooch around and the rope and antifouling is usually good, can also pick up Tonkinous varnish from the man that imports. Last year there was also a man selling sheets of 25mm thick foam (the sort that use for kneeling pads) this makes ideal seat pads as they don't adsorb water like my foam seat cushions.
jendave1 8 years ago
Just been out to our (icy cold) garage to check. Our jib sheets are 12mm braid, each one about 8m long (using the tried & tested fingertip to fingertip method). The last 8" of each has had the core removed just leaving the outer sheath, which makes for a much less bulky bowline when attaching. Can't claim any credit for this, must have been done by a previous owner, but it works well and I like it.
Skykomish E29 8 years ago
Jimmy Green usually have a "bargain bin" of useful rope lengths at the boat show at really great prices, however don't forget VAT increases in January, but still what you lose on the VAT increase you save on postage
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