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A broken Achilles 24

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vol_a_vent says:

I bought a very sad A24 on Ebay in the summer. ("Rose Isle") She had literally fallen off the back of a lorry, and her rudder had smashed up into the stern locker, with a split like a wicked grin all the way around her bottom. She's now in a barn near Monmouth, and I'm on the way to putting her back again. There seem to be a few A24 people around here - if anyone is interested in dropping by to say hello & have a cuppa and offer advice or even a hand - they would be more than welcome.
2:40PM, 21 November 2010 PDT (permalink)

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Skykomish E29 says:

Quite a project and one that would be nice to see the progress of would you mind posting some pictures as you complete the work. At least we can all become inspired
105 months ago (permalink)

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Amrum 9171Y says:

Hi vol a vent! It does indeed sound quite a project! Send me a flickr mail with your address/telephone number, and I'll try and drop in some time. You are not far away, and a trip up the Wye valley is always a pleasure. Alternatively, you are very welcome to come down to Oldbury and have a sail. I'm hoping to have at least one this week, but will probably get Snifter out before Christmas to do some work on her.
105 months ago (permalink)

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Super Snoopy 050 says:

Snoopy will be taking up residence in Usk on 23rd November to have her cabin top attended to. Can't get much closer to Monmouth than that!
105 months ago (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

How have the repairs gone over the winter months?
102 months ago (permalink)

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