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songeur2010 says:

Does any one have any dimensions for the waterline. ie vertically from bow and stern, I lost mine during the grinding back process. I could have taken a measurement except there was no boot strap and the anti fouling had dried to such and extent I couldn't actually gauge where the proper waterline was.
10:50PM, 30 October 2010 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

When sitting flat on her keel ,the water line is on the point where the transome meets the underside ,, in fact about 2 ins under ,, but I put boot topping up to the meeting point .... then measure gunnel heights bothsides to equal up , Cut a trammel pole to height and progress foreward to stem, marking with a lead pencil ,
Hope this is clear?!
I think your keel is non standard ?? Check out if parallel.
I will measure Goskar from rubbing strake down to be sure
Just a thought,, Merlin has the early keel .. I will measure her later..
108 months ago (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

OK Merlin Draws 4ft ......
19 ins back from bow drop a line down from under the rubbing strake
Should be 30ins long to top of waterline..
This is water line ... then 48 ins to ground.
under stern it terminates at the join with the transom
108 months ago (permalink)

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