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Cruising chute

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blueachilles says:

Well we have found out why we struggled with the spinnaker earlier this season - its a cruising chute!!

We met Blue's last but one owner a couple of weeks ago, and he asked if we still had the cruising chute - no, a spinnaker, we said - but on taking a closer look, it is definitely a chute, as it is asymmetric, particularly along the foot.

So, some questions; presumably we hoist it with the spinnaker halliard?

How is it sheeted? Do the sheets go back to the blocks near the stern? How long do the sheets need to be?

Looking forward to playing with it next season!
1:56AM, 10 October 2010 PDT (permalink)

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Amrum 9171Y says:

With my cruising chute I sheet it back to 2 blocks either side of the cockpit. I've got an adjustable tack line which goes under the bow roller and comes back to a jammer on the starboard side just in front of the cockpit. I usually have about a metre of tack line above the roller, but depends on wind direction, how high we are going etc, and how tight the luff needs to be.
I fly it off the spinnaker halyard. I use the same sheets as the spinnaker. I bought a bag from Hydes (designed for a Squib, as I recall), which clips neatly into the pulpit, or could be fitted in the main hatch, and it is certainly easier to fly singlehanded than the spinnaker, although to go deep means goosewinging. I thiknthere are some photos on my photostream.
You wii have fun with it! Rob
109 months ago (permalink)

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