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Headlining advice

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Skykomish E29 says:

OK Skykomish is needing her interior re trimmed as I am fed up with the painted GRP look.
Though it will reduce the headroom a little, I am considering cutting ply roof panels to pattern for the main cabin and covering these with vinyl.
The side walls I was hoping to get away with gluing the vinyl direct to the GRP.

Question. Bearing in mind the considerable difference in price of foam backed vinyl and standard. for the vinyl that is being glued to the ply roof panels could this be standard vinyl as opposed to F.B.?
I realise that where I am gluing the vinyl directly to the GRP it will need to be FB due to the imperfections of the rough GRP surface (Despite several layers of paint).
Any advice would be appreciated.
Also in the forecabin the top of the cabin has several "stringers" about 1" deep glassed into it (to strengthen the foredeck) should I screw boards directly these and vinyl over, or try and vinyl between? (My concern is that boarding it could provide a void for condensation to form )
Bearing in mind this will reduce the room between the berth and ceiling, making it a little more claustrophobic .
The sides of the forecabin have been lined with cord carpet which though not the best serves the purpose of providing adequate insulation
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blueachilles says:

We used foam backed for Blue's headlining. I suspect that without the foam, you would need to get the glue very even to avoid bumps showing through the vinyl.

Better insulation with FB.

We used stringers on the deckhead to fix the ply panels to. If you don't board your forepeak, won't you simply get condensation on the vinyl?

How are you & Linda? Haven't heard from you for a while. How is Skykomish?
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Red Marlin says:

Long term it is the foam that degrades before the vinyl which is why older boats have drooping headlining. Much prefer vinyl on wood. I have pockets behind it in the forepeak and since the anchor locker would provide a cold spot where condensation would collect I have sprayed insulation foam into these cavaty's, seems to work. Made a mistake with the cabin sides and just glued vinyl on and it does not look good. Also no insulation which in our case in the sun with a red boat means heat rather than cold. Thinking of replacing with wooden panels fitted in place with velcro glued to the hull.
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Skykomish E29 says:

Thanks guys more confused. I had thought about boarding the deckhead ( that was the word that I was looking for yesterday) but it would make it a tight fit in the forecabin to lie down, having said that I believe the original was boarded over just wasn't sure about the gaps, would they not make nice wet condensation traps?
Yes Rod we are fine not much sailing this year as we have not been able to get up to the boat as often as we would have liked and when we did the tide was out!!
We had a computer virus recently which locked up the computer and when i transferred my files over lost my Flickr details so was not able to get on, as you can see now found.
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