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Blue's Cruise

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blueachilles says:

Sorry to bombard the site with photos, but we thought we would share our weeks cruise with you all.

From Falmouth, we got as far as Plymouth, via Fowey. The furthest East we have sailed.

Two 20 mile legs, with a SW 4 giving a broad reach in sunny conditions both days. Averaged 5 knots, and hit 6.2kts, even towing the dinghy.

Coming back, we had to motor for a couple of hours out of Plymouth until the breeze picked up, and then after a day in Fowey, we had the same SW on the nose at first, back to Falmouth. But after a couple of hours the wind swung more southerly, and we got back to Falmouth in one tack from Dodman Point.

Blue behaved impeccably, and we got very used to living in a small space. Had some lovely meals out but also "cooked" on board a couple of nights. Recipes on request!

Other non boaty pics are on our photostream...

What a great boat the Achilles is.
10:07AM, 12 July 2010 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

Put some more photos on,
you will become a famous photographer..
112 months ago (permalink)

elite request [deleted] says:

Perfect, what more could you want.

Thanks for sharing, some very nice shots.
112 months ago (permalink)

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jendave1 says:

Nice pictures Blue! Seeing the photos of Plymouth brings back memories. I trained as a diver at Fort Bovisand (many years ago..), the diving school used to own the fort out at the breakwater (which I've walked the length of!). The Victualling Yard has 50m of water which we used to get the hours in at depth - very boring just sitting on the bottom really. Back then it was a bit of a tip, now it's wine bars & luxury apartments then? There's progress for you!
At the weekend we were trying for our first night away; the winds were a bit lively and didn't die down as forecast so we spent the night on the mooring to sail off early. We found it a bit cramped but managed well (me & Jenny & dog!) - Jenny had prepared a meal which we heated through on the original hob.
We woke early and set off, only to lose all wind once out of the harbour. Instead we motored for an hour or so and anchored while Jenny did a fried breakfast. Hot and sunny, not a breath of wind all day so we motored back.
Today I borrowed a bosun's chair and with 2 helpful chaps on the winches climbed the mast. I fitted an LED bulb into the mast light but when switched on nothing happened. I put the original bulb back in, still nothing. I assumed the cable up the mast (which looks old) had a short. I then fitted an antenna and fed the coax down the mast; when I'd sorted the bottom end and tried the radio, I realised the battery was completely dead. I think the battery (again looks a bit ropey) was run down, and the short in the mast light cable killed it without having enough juice to blow the fuse. I'm kicking myself a bit now for not leaving the LED bulb in, as I reckon the deck fitting is the most likely cause of the short - I'd tested for 12v at the open end, but the top of the plug is most likely at fault.
Funny being up the mast, you certainly know when people are moving about on the deck (or when a RIB is approaching!). Not too uncomfortable though, and now I can say I did it.
This Friday we're hoping to sail across to Cushendall with the local club (escorted would be a good idea for our first crossing!). So far the weather looks good, so we're really hoping to go for it - may end up in a B&B though, we're expecting to arrive tired and a bit wet!
112 months ago (permalink)

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