blueachilles 5:19pm, 16 May 2010
We have (foolishly?) decided to have a go at the Loe Beach Regatta on 12th June. Me as skipper, Andy & Di as crew.

It is many years since I raced dinghies - a Laser - and my tactic was generally to follow everyone else round, and try not to capsize more than once.

This time the tactic will probably be to follow everyone else, and try not to hit anyone or break anything.

Presumably the start signals are given over the VHF? Is it 5 mins/3 mins/1 min as it was for dinghies?

Any advice from seasoned racers greatly appreciated.

I anticipate that Andy & I will be doing the sailing, Di (lured into agreeing by the promise of the barbecue and jazz band in the evening) has said she will keep out of the way and take pictures, which will of course be posted on here for all to see.

Is Chille intending to participate?
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
Remind me to avoid the area that day,, !!
Daddsie 8 years ago
Sail fast and DONT follow everybody else! unless of course its on a reach.
Amrum 9171Y 8 years ago
Start signals are usually 5, 4, 1 and start now. At the 5 min the classs flag goes up, at 4 the Blue Peter joins it, at 1 the BP comes down, and at start the class flag comes down. All this is usually accompanied by sound signals, and maybe by lights or radio (or cannons!) depending on where you are.
I agree with keeping out of trouble. The main thing is to enjoy.
Amrum 9171Y 8 years ago
Oh yes, forgot to mention that although we race most weekends, and are beginning to get the Sun 2000 going really fast, tuning the rig in different wind conditions ready for the RTIOW next month, we still cock it up big time. Yesterday we were first to start, hitting the line at speed on the gun, and getting to the windward mark second only to an Impala. We bore away to hoist the gennaker for a reach to the next mark, and it got half way up before landing in the water with the halyard 3 feet above the spreaders. I was on the helm, so bore off downwind as various attempts were made to get it with a boathook, before hardening up to get to the next mark. Rounding that we bore on to a dead run, I climbed on to the boom, then the shoulders of the 3rd crew member then climbed to the spreaders, grabbed the halyard, and came down ripping my salopettes on a bolt through one on the batten cars. Anyway we could now sail fast again, but on reaching the downwind mark we had to beat up the bank against the tide, and went too close on one of the tacks when the helm decided he could ignore the depth reading and so on to the mud. Pushed off, but then had to fix the rudder downhaul. We eventually finished, not surprisingly last on handicap although not last on the water, but had a great sail, hopefully got all our mistakes out of the way for a while, and at least managed to fix each of them. Moral - don't assume seasoned racers know what they are doing!! (Also, don't tell Health and safety or my wife!!)
Daddsie 8 years ago
I was racing last night on a Dehler 33 (Rumrunner still not in the water and unlikely for RTI) spinnaker drop, Im in the hatch gathered foot but halyard had jammed, novice helm still went to windward I was whisked out of hatch over the winches and slammed against the pushpit. I managed to recover the kite on my back as the halyard had been let go.

The rest of the crew were expecting a medivac.

All I did was shred the back of my new Henry Lloyd jacket

All this in about 8 knots of breeze.

Racing or sailing in general IS a dangerous sport, thats why we do it, no health and safety, just common sense.
busy home [deleted] 8 years ago
I sat on the morring yesterday doing od jobs,
At 6 pm I went racing with a Lesure 23 and a hurley 22 (they did not know) Wind n w 2,, we did at least a mile Goskar did 3 kts at one point, and heeled a bit, warm and sunny , I came in first as I fancied a cuppa, Lovely eve sail.
blueachilles 8 years ago
Don't they say that if two boats are within half a mile of each other on roughly the same course they are automatically racing?

We will be sailing this weekend, coming down Thursday evening. Forecast looks warm, but not much wind.
blueachilles 8 years ago
Ok, we didn't win, but we didn't hit anyone, and didn't break anything.

Actually, we came last. But only by 1 min 22secs from one of the fastest boats on the Fal (another Achilles, Red Gauntlet)

Andy said its the most fun he's had (with his clothes on) for some time, and we'll definitely do it again next year.

More photos to follow.
Andrew Curry 8 years ago
Class pictures.
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