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Outboard size for A24

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Vidwatts says:

I'm finding that it's a bit tricky to attempt to remove the 6hp Mariner outboard from Aeolus when underway - its long shaft is something of a handful and the place where I sail (a bendy, busy part of the Thames) means you don't have long before you need to do something so there isn't really the opportunity to get it stowed beneath the cockpit sole.

I do have a small 2-stroke 3.5hp Mariner that I use on my dinghy - I've not tried it, but would it be suitable in the cockpit well with its short shaft? It would only be used for simple on/off mooring use. It's a lot smaller and lighter than the big engine and could readily be put away.

I quite like the idea of getting that extra speed from using the fairing plug for the hull.
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busy home [deleted] says:

I use a 3.3 long shaft Merc. on the dinghy, which I carry on the push pit, I have used it in Goskar and it has no prolems pushing the boat,
Blue used a standard shaft small outboard in an emergency but found the wash came up in the hole badly. not really sucessfull.
Klip Springer has a standard shaft Tohatsu 8 but has a collar to go around it (see my last pics) this obviously has done the job ok,
I know what you mean about lifting the big engine out. Its a pain.
If necessary I drop it on the cockpit sole until Ive time or energy to stow it. leaving the boat on autohelm.. More often than not I sail on and off the mooring avoiding the whole effort of getting the engine in.
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rothwell_neil says:

I have an old and reliable 2hp evinrude and it is just a standard shaft for use on dinghies. It works on the Achilles and will certainly do 2knots and give steerage, when I was servicing the Honda I went out with this, slow but worked. For on and off moorings fine so long as less than 2Knot tide!
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