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Eclipse 1 says:

Mornin all; Eclipse close to launching, done a re-balsa coring in the main cabin, some alterations to the standing rigging, and changed the windows to individual units. What has also been on my mind has been turning my attention to repairing the damaged bits of gelcoat on the boat, and how to get a good colour match...
I have tried doing this by eye using Gel Coat filler, with tiny proportions of acrylic paint to add pigmentation, however doing this by eye is difficult to get a match. After much frustration yesterday, I decided to see if Halfords had a good match in the aerosols as a temporary measure.
Result....nothing on the racks was remotely close, however I was handed a colour match book in which I found a near perfect match. Decided to buy a can of said aerosol which they make up in-store, and now intend using this on a couple of hatch corners. What I also did was make a note of the relative quantities of pigment in the mix, to make up my own colour matched gel-coat ( Halfords also do a pack of acrylic pigments for £20, which may work ).....
so here is a combination of pigments that make an excellent colour match on Eclipse; (I forgot the vehicle colour name DOH!!)
110.1 White
0.9 Oxide orange (as suggests, a rusty orange colour)
1.6 Black
1.5 Light yellow.
Measurements by volume. Obviously a difficult task to get all this spot on, but it gives one a clue at least of which colours may be of use. I intend making a jar of pigmented gel coat filler (without hardener) to which I can add hardener as needed.
Hope this may be of use to others
12:56AM, 17 March 2010 PDT (permalink)

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Daddsie says:

A local gell coat 'expert' mixes it up on cling film which is laid on the surface to be matched
115 months ago (permalink)

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