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Mooring Achilles 9metre

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S4ILOR says:

Greetings Chaps & Chapesses.

I'm new to the group and found you all as I was google-ing for info on the Achilles 9m. I have become in charge of the wee yacht and she shall be moored within site of my lounge window in April. We're based on the gorgeous west coast of Scotland and have a fairly protected anchorage but she is open to NW gales - wind more than seas as we are protected by an island.

This A was built in 79 and has been cared for very well. However, there is a lack of - as in no - cleats esp on the foredeck.

I'm sure some of you folks have their A moored on a swinging mooring and wondered if anyone has and can share a 'top tip' with regard to this problem er challenge! ie, the best way to insure she stays attached to her rode. thanx!
4:58AM, 28 February 2010 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

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Daddsie says:

Welcome, my 9m No. 47 has cleats about two foot back from the bow roller on each side, No48's cleats arein the same position with fairleads in the toe rail.

I suggest you fit some cleats as there is obviously the strength in the deck in those positions. I shall take some shots of the exact positions tomorrow.
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Daddsie says:

Pics now uploaded, as you can see from the pics the mounting for the cleats is raised and without non slip finish.
116 months ago (permalink)

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