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Mast Step

sparkling yoke [deleted] says:

Hi all,

First a big thanks to Rob for showing me around Snifter on Friday. Looks an excellent boat and well looked after.

Rob showed me where Snifter has had the main bulkhead reinforced to support the deck mast step. Is it normal for the Achilles 24 to need this done? Also what are the signs (aside from dipping deck) of this being required?
5:42AM, 25 January 2010 PDT (permalink)

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blueachilles says:

Ours needed doing, because the balsa core had got wet, and soft. We had the inner fibreglass skin taken off, balsa replaced, and skin replaced. We also doubled the bolts holding bulkhead to deck beam.

It seems this sort of repair is not uncommon to "boats of a certain age" with deck-stepped masts. Another boat's Owners Association website (Preludes, or Hurleys?) has a whole section devoted to reinforcing, installing pillars, etc.

Our deck had dipped, and when the headlining was removed, you could see the blackened balsa. Also you could see that the bolts were canted at an angle. We put bigger bolts in, redrilling the holes, as well as adding an extra bolt in each side. the roof may have been like it for some time, and didn't seem to affect sailing ability etc.
117 months ago (permalink)

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