Sparta 22

splodgehodge 12:33pm, 11 January 2010
Hi all,

This is my first post and viewing of this site. Sorry!! I've seen a Sparta 22 for sale and was trying to find out information about it when I found this group and the website.

I know very little about boats and thought this would make an ideal first boat but wanted advice. If you could help I would be grateful. The spec is standard but it has an inboard Dolphin PETROL !!! engine. This has just been refurbished. The rest of the boat looks really sound.
They do want £3450 for it though.

I also have to say my experience is I have sailed dinghies for one season and played in my friends boat. Thats it!!

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks all in advance
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
The Achilles Range is just what you are looking for, as they are safe, fun boats, very forgiving, strong and are well built.
There are a few members on here who can help you with advice about the engine.
The Sparta is fairly uncommon. If you search through the pictures in the gallery you will find one on here that we managed to find on a website selling boats.
I think that the nearest boat to a Sparta that is owned by a member is out in the BVI and is of a similar size.
The only issue that most members have with the smaller Achilles' is the lack of room in the cabin area, which does help with their good looks and sailing performance, everything in life is a compromise.
You may find a bit more by visiting the Achilles owners Website which is linked from this one.
With regard to price I would have said that it is not a million miles from the going rate if she is in good condition, Bearing in mind that you can pick up plenty of Achilles 24's around the same price.
I am sure that you will get plenty of advice from other members on here.
Good Luck
busy home [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by busy home (member) 9 years ago
The dolphin is a superb unit, do not be put off by that,(speaking as a retired mechanic) But why not a 24 ,,,, I happen to have a spare!
Just looked at the pics,,,,, are you sure its not a 24???
Skykomish E29 9 years ago
The only outward difference between the Sparta and 24 Ron is the sugar scoop transom instead of the lazerette lockers that the 24 has so it would be difficult to draw any conclusions from the picture on the boat details. Does look very nice but then a photo can hide a lot of flaws. But yes I would recommend your boat to anyone looking for an Achilles as at least you have gone over her so any faults would have been identified, however unless somebody actually lives in Cornwall Transport costs do add a lot to the purchase of a small boat, though do I remember correctly that Snowgoose has a trailer?
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
No .. No trailer ,, a trolly that hauls up onto a hired car transporter ..£40
a day,
I did not know that the sparta had an inboard option??
NormanKlipspringer 9 years ago
If you do a search on this group's pool for sparta you will find several photos both internal and external plus original brochures and price lists which may be of interest. 'Joker' has now been sold.
guillainevib 9 years ago
If the dimensions in the ad are correct it is definitely a Sparta. I think they look great and Chris Butler really liked the Sparta. If you've got the money buy it. You really can't go that far wrong with one. As Ron says the dolphin is a very fine engine indeed. I've motored hundreds of miles with one in a 3 ton 29 footer, so 1100 kg make the engine very powerful A bloke in Bodmin makes them and my 'makes' I mean hen has a machine shop, him only, and lathes etc. it's impressive and encouraging to see.
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