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Super Snoopy 050 says:

Spent yesterday wandering around the Boat Show with Snoopy 2009. Even less on exhibit than last year but delightfully quiet to peruse the stands. Buy of the day was a Superspout, demonstrated on the Mailspeed Marine stand. It works really well (at the show in any case). So impressed, we bought one each. No more diesel in the bilge and you o/b boys will be helped too.

A tenner at the show - supposedly discounted from £13 - but available from www.superspout.com for £9.99 (£11.49 with p&p).
1:51AM, 14 January 2010 PDT (permalink)

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rothwell_neil says:

Just watched the video and look forward to hearing your experiences, the video suggests that I can't do without one!
116 months ago (permalink)

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Skykomish E29 says:

Yes I saw this at the boat show, and i believe were featured a couple of years ago on "The Apprentice". Look a really good idea.
We too thought that the Boat show was very quiet with a lot less sailing exhibitors, though thought that perhaps the chandlery stands were more prolific this year. Having said that saw little of real interest, apart from some very nice Masserati sports cars...... I wasn't sure if I had walked into a car show by mistake.
£500,000 for a brand new Riva sports boat I thought a little steep but did look the bizzz.
Originally posted 116 months ago. (permalink)
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