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rothwell_neil says:

After a season sailing with the new tiller I thought I would share experience. All good with no disadvantages at all. New rudder is only about 8-9 inches longer but has the following advantages.
Can sit forward and much more comfortable as not affect by engine position.
Can stand and helm easily from cockpit seats as extra reach, helps in marina as clear view.
Can helm standing up with rudder between knees as extends beyong engine.
Can sit way forward when wet and wild and miss lots of water by ducking under the spray hood.

Downside, suppose does protrude into the cockpit but pushed to one side unobtrusive.

I am glad I made it longer and would suggest you try it as I think it is a real advantage. Make a mock up out of pine and try as I won't be going back to a short stick.
5:24AM, 22 September 2009 PDT (permalink)

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