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blueachilles says:

We have decided to upgrade from bucket to Porta Potti this winter, but on looking at prices I find we can get a proper sea toilet for not much more (financial) outlay, although fitting would take more work, of course.

I know that one or two folk on here have proper toilets, so any advice, and/or photos would be appreciated.
4:48AM, 21 September 2009 PDT (permalink)

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guillainevib says:

Hi Blue,
I have a very nice newish toilet which I will be removing. Flickr mail me if you might be interested is it. I'll pop a pic on the flickr site.
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busy home [deleted] says:

The seacocks ,etc connections etc add £100 to this cost check this out Chille and Snowgoose have fitted toilets Chilles is more difficult to use as its to far foreward ,, you can see either just call..
Goskar is on beach at Ponsarden.
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Mike A1 says:

Amare has a Simpson Lawrence SL 400 which as far as I can tell was factory fitted. Afer the first season, I moved it aft by about 4" which made a huge difference to the available headroom.

I'd recommend doing a "dry run" (!) to get an idea of how easy any proposed arrangement will be to use.

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blueachilles says:

I'd like to see some photos of "in situ" (unoccupied is fine!) so I can see how a sea toilet will fit - its hard to visualise how it would fit, with the pump at the side etc.

Nicki, I'll Flickrmail you.

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