Zodiac repairs

Skykomish E29 3:37pm, 2 August 2009
I know that Ron will have the answer to this, as he is a master of the black arts in respect of Zodiac repair, but others feel free to have your say.

The chap who sold me my "new" boat, threw in a Zodiac tender as a freebe, however he did warn me that it was ancient and did not know what sort of condition it is in.
Well On getting it home I have found 4 small leaks already all just under the rubbing strake, it has a couple of repair patches along the side already. My idea was to run a strip of repair material over all holes, (these are just pin pricks). Does anybody know if a Zodiac is Hypalon or PVC, I have a feeling that it is Hypalon. I know that it is probably past its best and I have a brand new Compass dinghy which gives me a hernia every time I hump it out of the car, so I thought that if I can repair the Zodiac , being light I could realistically keep it on board.
busy home [deleted] 9 years ago
Its Hypalon,,,, Two pack is the only glue which works Properly..
I bought some off the net and is much better than Evo stik one pack
Coat both surfaces and allow to near dry, recoat both and apply with pressure for a minute, do not reinflate till next morning,,
My Zodiac is goin strongagain after 25 yrs!! Well worth it price, and light.. Remove two or three bottom boards ,, and carry spare valves
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