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Genoa sheeting

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blueachilles says:

Blue's genoa sheets come to a block on a track on the gunwhale, outside the guardrails. I've noticed that Ron's boats, and Zethar as well, have inboard sheeting, with the genoa tracks on the side decks. This presumably means tighter sheeting angles, and so better pointing, but has the downside of cluttering up the side decks, and potentially leaking through fixing holes.

I don't suppose the inboard arrangement completely does away with the problem of the genoa going over the guardrails at the front, but it must help.

And more string etc to play with, sheeting angles to adjust, etc

Cost? Ease of fitting? Ease of use? Cluttered deck? Leaks? Does it enhance performance enough to make the effort/cost worthwhile?

Should I bother?
6:12AM, 7 July 2009 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

Goskars were outside,,, I moved them in side,
You have to step on the track when going foreward, and negeochiate? the sheet etc Its a pain.
Think about it carefully!
I think removing the motor would pay much better,,
I dont think with the motor in sheeting tighter would help;
Towing a dingy is a brake.
So,, If I sailed your boat I would bear away to increase speed Still pointing higher than most , and enjoy my mode of sailing ,,
ages ago (permalink)

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