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Anchors, and their stowage

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blueachilles says:

We don't often anchor, we stop for lunch occasionally and if its particularly calm we might go ashore, for as much as half an hour once, with me checking the boat constantly to ensure she hasn't dragged. I've not had the courage to anchor overnight.

So the anchors - we have a CQR and a Danforth on board, I tend to use the Danforth - stay in the bottom of the cockpit lockers, and I carry it up to the foredeck and shackle it on to the chain as we approach an anchorage. This takes time, and would be a bit precarious in a chop.

So when we have had a couple of occasions over the last year or two when anchoring would have been an option while we sort out some crisis (engine suddenly stopping, etc), anchoring has not been an easy option. But I would like to be able to deploy the anchor more easily.

Blue doesn't have an anchor locker. A lot of boats seem to stow their anchors over the bow roller, but this is used by our mooring chain, and there isn't a great deal of room on the foredeck for an anchor.

What do other people do?
1:30AM, 20 May 2009 PDT (permalink)

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Andrew Curry says:

Put a chain pipe on the fordeck and store the anchor on the deck. I use a 10lb CQR as its easier to store on deck. If i was anchoring over night or leaving the boat i would use a bigger anchor.
I will post a picture of the set up on Amaryllis
ages ago (permalink)

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NormanKlipspringer is a group administrator NormanKlipspringer says:

We have had some discussion on this before. see
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