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Out board weight

busy home [deleted] says:

I weighed my outboard engines ...
Merc 4 4stroke 4stone
johnson 5hp 4stoke 4stone

Tohatsu 8 hp 2stroke 4stone
27 kilo each!
Is this progress?
The Tohatsu is neater and slimmer and two cyl, and much smoother.
3:17AM, 25 March 2009 PDT (permalink)

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Skykomish E29 says:

It depends on your definition of progress, by it's very nature a four stroke is going to be heavier due to it's more complex mechanics and the fact that it has a sump for oil. I know that you probably won't agree but it is generally accepted that four stroke engines are more reliable than two, and, last longer, are more enviromentally friendly, and moe efficient. So really it depends on priorities and outlook. I know that i am really happy with the 6 h.p. Mercury on Aeolus, and REALLY don't miss all that mixing of oil and fouled plugs. Just got to save up for a little Suzuki for the Dinghy.
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Mike A1 says:

My father always said that he preferred 4 stroke to 2 stroke engines. His reason was not that 4 strokes are more reliable, but if they did go wrong there was more you can fiddle with to put them right...
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craig48uk says:

I've got a new Tohatsu MFS6 Sail Pro with a 25" shaft. It weighs in at 27kg, as it's only a single cylinder, the 2nd cylinder adds considerable extra weight.
Progress? Well, it's a bit of a pain lifting on and off the transom on the 7m, but this is more due to the shaft length than the weight. Besides I only use it when on daysails or out cruising, during races it lives below, on top of the keel.
It's quiter, smoother and more economical than the Tohatsu 5hp 2 stroke I used on occassion before.
I do prefer the Sail Pro, but it was specially made for powering small sailing boats, I even have a small charging set up as standard which comes in useful along with my small solar panel.
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