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Winch sizes

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pjbharrison says:

Can anyone tell me what size winches should be fitted to an Achilles 24?
All 4 of those fitted to my boat are different make and sizes.
Does anyone have any for sale?
9:36AM, 3 March 2009 PDT (permalink)

busy home [deleted] says:

Yes .. I have Chilles winches. We replaced them with self tailers..
They are in good nick ... Look at my early photos where I cleaned them up.
Click on 324 go to 11
Originally posted ages ago. (permalink)
busy home edited this topic ages ago.

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pjbharrison says:

Hi Ron
Thanks for the reply. I'll email you.
ages ago (permalink)

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crazypuffin says:

halyard winches lewmar size 6
gib sheets lewmar size 8s

hope this helps
ages ago (permalink)

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pjbharrison says:

Thanks Crazypuffin
ages ago (permalink)

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A264 Clytie says:

'halyard winches lewmar size 6
gib sheets lewmar size 8s'

I assume these stated sizes are correct as I need to replace my halyard winch?

I'm thinking of buying Antal winches because they're not high use items and are cheap at 50 quid. Does any one have any experience of them? Thanks.

59 months ago (permalink)

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