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Wind vane steering system

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Land&Sea says:

I am considering putting a windvane steering system on my Achilles 24 (pendulum system). Does anybody have any experience with such system or any suggestions that may help on choosing one? The two options I am looking at are: www.mistervee.com/
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Amrum 9171Y says:

I've no experience of windvanes on A24s, but note that William Garnier used a Navik for his solo singlehanded Atlantic crossings in 2007 (Practical Boat Owner May 2008). He comments about the difficulties of and discomfort of the waves on the crossing - 'when the wind was strong enough the windvane would fight back but the waves also had their moments of ascendancy'. He had a Raymarine tiller pilot as well. There are several articles on Navik on the web - eg www.bluemoment.com/manuals/navik.pdf.
I'll be very interested in what you decide on and how it works.
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guillainevib says:

A friend of mine, Katie Miller (www.katiemillerracing.com) had a Mr Vee on her Corribee. She thought it was shite. A good idea but it just lacked the power to work effectively. Navik is well thought of, but older now and Plastimo are not backing it so spares could be an issue. The one I'd like, but can't afford, is the Seafeather (www.sea-feather.com). Compared to the 20 kg of the Navik this little gem weighs in at a slight 13 kg. Much better for an A24. In my research sea feather is the lightest of the lot, with the exception of Mr Vee.
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Land&Sea says:

Thanks for the tips here. Incidently, I browsed around the Achiles24 message board and found that Joturner had responded to an earlier question of mine as follows:

I wouldn't recommend Mr Vane. I withdrew from the JAC as I couldn't get it working reliably. Interestingly, I also heard that there were 5 starters with Mr Vane steering and all retired citing steering problems. This isn't to say it doesn't work at all or cannot be made to work with some modifications but I would stick to an established, if more expensive, steering gear. I also have a larger yacht and have fitted Feming steering gear. This is a little heavy for the Achilles but a great piece of engineering. I'm sure there are other manufacturers who make something similar for smaller boats. Good luck!

I will keep you posted on my final decision and findings.

Regards, Wouter
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