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Raising and dropping mast

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rothwell_neil says:

I had a mast raising system for the Hurley that was so simple I will be repeating it for the Achilles. It is also a great crucifix mast support for the winter. If you all know this already then sorry for teaching to suck eggs.

2 pieces of 4*2 timber that measure from the forestay back to a stanchion about at the front of the mast. About 7-8ft if I remember rightly for the hurley. Fix an eye bolt through one end and put a nut on to make a big V and have a hole drilled in the other end to tie loosely to a stanchion either side of the mast foot. To lower the mast attach forestay to eye and attach a line to the eye back through a block at the bow back to the cockpit winch using a second block to keep it along side the stanchions. When ready to lower just let the rope gently slip at the winch and the mast comes down in a nice controlled manner. To raise the mast just reverse the process with stays attached winch and push the mast up. Best with 2 but taking down can be done with one. The supported triangle helps keep it true fore and aft and works a treat. Put a second hole through both bits of timber at about 2/3 length and then when the eye is put through here a good mast support for winter that can be tied fore and aft and at stanchions to keep it all firm and steady.
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gibson29 says:

Hi Neil

I've been reading your description of your mast lowering system but am confused over the forestay being attached to the A frame eye bolt and a line attached to the back of the eye bolt? I cannot see how this allows you to lower the mast unless the frame pivots which I don't think it does? Can you explain it again a bit slower for me! Thanks

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rothwell_neil says:

The aframe pivots around the two ends that are tied to the stanchions or ubolts for the stays. Tied loosely so that when mast is up the frame lies on the deck and then as you lower the mast it ends up vertical. By doing this you just get control of the mast when it is close to the deck from the angle created by aframe otherwise you struggle as pull is along the mast. There is a picture on my stream of a drawing of the simple a frame and pictures of John's up market version. Both work really well allowing control lowering and the leverage to winch it back up. So simple but effective. travelling otherwise would find picture for you.


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