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Paint or Gel coat?

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English Bogman says:

Hi Everyone

I have just purchased Amrum A24 and have moved her from Yarmouth to Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

This is my first boat and I am new to Sailing, only had a day out with Terry from GoSail Cowes, which was very good and have been able to get around ok, so far!

The thing is I want to clean her up a bit but I am not sure how to go about it.

I think it's gel coat topsides and Paint on the hull.

She is in pretty good condition but not as good as some of yours are looking, So How do you get them to look so good and how much would it cost?

I think both sites are good and will get some pictures up when I can find my charger for my cannon charger (it's somewhere stupid I expect) Have just moved to cowes.

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busy home [deleted] says:

Hello Amrum, Difficult to give advise because it will depend on what skills you have and where you intend to work, inside or out. Also what tools you have. Electricty and a compressor would be a big bonus, if not youth and muscle !
Leave topsides alone if poss .power wash.T cut fiber glass polish
Gell coat? new to me! Hull is not difficult to make look good .rub down with 240 g fill as req spray 2/3 marine undercoats rub down again to 320g wet.filling as necessary (car body filler) DO NOT RUSH When wet this should shine! Apply paint colour ,spray roller brush? Goskers paint was £200 Post more pics for more advise!
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Skykomish E29 says:

AEOLUS is still original Gelcoat except of course the undersides which have been antifouled with Shogun Seajet.
I think you will find that the general advice will be unless the hull is really unsightly, gelcoat damaged etc, leave as original as possible. We used a light cutting polish similar to "T" cut to get rid of salt stains, then polished with a good quality boat polish. The hull is not too bad but the deck is needing painting as I have had to repair a few cracks and chips in the gelcoat and the filler is whiter than the original. I plan to mask off the smooth areas and just paint the non slip textured surfaces in a contrasting blue/cream deck paint from Blakes.
If you really want to paint the hull and don't have access or indeed the experience with spary equipment, then several books describe painting with a normal paint roller and using a long soft brush to "tip" the paint as you go to remove the orange peel effect of the roller, this will give it is claimed a finish nearly as good as a professional spray.
A book that i would recommend which covers all aspects of DIY boat restoration is:

"This Old Boat" by Don Casey isbn number 0-07-157993-1

I like you am a relative beginner with boats and this has proven to be "the Bible" when it has come to repairs.
I got mine from Amazon at a pretty good price.

Something that I would question with respect to Ron's advice is the use of car body filler. I would stick to marine grade filler particularly to any repairs below the waterline. car body filler absorbs water and will not stand the test of time. A boat next to ours had had repairs undertaken with car filler and had to strip the lot and start again as it was falling away, this was below the water line and ended up having to epoxy the entire hull!
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busy home [deleted] says:

Perhaps he was trying to repair osmosis with car body filler which wont stick to moisture! hence total epoxy job, Paint 5/6 coats is waterproof (does your car rust where not paint damaged)?
Chille is getting wet each day (not quiet afloat on beach )she is perfect were I used filler ( i fared off all edges and seacocks Including fore and after edges of keel ) Steel. Copper Fibre glass
!Besides marine epoxy is a b to rub down .
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English Bogman says:

Well, thanks guys

I don't think she is to bad at all, after having had a closer look at her on her new mooring today. She just needed a bit of a clean, some little nicks around the edges of things.

I will have her out off the water later and give her a good going over.

Anybody coming over to Cowes I would make very welcome!

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busy home [deleted] says:

Ditto if you are comming down to Cornwall,
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Skykomish E29 says:

I can vouch for that Ron!!
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