Pixmaniaque [deleted] 3:27pm, 16 March 2008
Feel free to post in this thread one photo of your city. You may add some description regarding the city where the snapshot is from, or show the location on the map...

- One pic per member
- Medium size
Let’s discover the world that is not only « abstract »...
C.Alain PRO 10 years ago
Vancouver, Canada
SorinPetcu 10 years ago
Piatra Craiului Mountains - Romania

Autumn in Crai
tina negus PRO 10 years ago
Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK. A small market town which still has a weekly street market.

Grantham market
Michel Chansiaux www.andreperchet.com Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Michel Chansiaux www.andreperchet.com (member) 10 years ago
28 000 crapauds se reproduisent dans un étang à 100 mètres de ma maison, en plein coeur de la région Parisienne.

In the center of Paris suburb, wild life is still present in my city. 28 000 toads reproduce them in a pond in March.

Paulssons 10 years ago
Borås, Sweden

Alkimisti 10 years ago
Prizren, Kosova (Kosovo), SE Europe

Illetirres 10 years ago
great idea for a thread! here's a shot of the local scenery as seen reflected on a freshly rinsed tennis court at the local park.
Vinovin 10 years ago
collinsville, connecticut
this is the factory that the village was, and still is, built around. most everyone here lives in the old factory housing.
behind the pump house
manu/manuela PRO 10 years ago
Sorry, it is not very original !
As I live 7 km from Paris, the Eiffel Tower - a misty day - is my choice !

Misty day, Tour Eiffel
Simon Tomlinsоn 10 years ago
Brighton, UK
Brownie test
beshanti2 10 years ago
Neuburger Wald, Forest near Passau, Bayern, South Germany
mrtrsa 10 years ago
Roma, Italy

Victor Hugo
Gabri Le Cabri 10 years ago
I live in the 18th arrondissement, in Paris, France.

hobbit & gollum Posted 10 years ago. Edited by hobbit & gollum (member) 10 years ago
Kalamazoo, Michigan
this is our bus station downtown
the tunnel of arches
jfmvaz Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jfmvaz (member) 10 years ago
Lisboa - Portugal, when jacaranda trees have flowers:

Parque Eduardo VII
Venus Oak 10 years ago
Queensland, Australia.......This is the view near my hometaken during my daily bicycle ride.

sue tortoise PRO 10 years ago
The main shopping street in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK.

Pride Hill in the rain, again
Lolabola 10 years ago
The river valley in winter. Edmonton, Canada631
lucy_wilson 10 years ago
The Dunwich coastline, Suffolk, UK.

cloudasmoke PRO 10 years ago
Thank you for the invite!
Glendale, California

rain in Glendale, CA
Dreambagz 10 years ago
India....on the way to Mysore from Bangalore !

On the way to Mysore(India)!
Peter Sundstrom 10 years ago
Arrowtown, New Zealand.

Snowy Arrowtown Streets
booksin PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Pixmaniaque (member) 10 years ago
I'm taking some liberties here, given that I don't actually live in San Fransisco, but in San Jose.
However, even though San Jose is larger than San Fransisco, it really does not have much to recommend it, other than being the high tech hub of California/US/world (you pick)

billionstrang 10 years ago
Twisp, Washington, USA (Someplace, sort of...)
Half of Twisp March 08
paveries 10 years ago
Jurmala, Latvia

morning train I
JonesMoore Studio Art 10 years ago
Seattle, WA, USA
Seattle Colors #4
May I cheat as well?
Instead of Glasgow, where I live, - a picture of Loch Lomond, less than an hour drive or bus or train - where the soul can breeze
Loch Lomond 0003

But I was born and lived the most of my life here
St.Petersburg, Russia
Gruenemann PRO 10 years ago
Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo, San Antonio, Texas

San Jose Façade
Roby R 10 years ago
30 minutes from San Salvador, El Salvador

Amanecer de luna llena
funadium 10 years ago
The real view from my window is not very attracting, but this village is 10 minutes from my home:

Cervo (Imperia)
Ian McWilliams. 10 years ago
Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, North East England.
Bamburgh castle.
noa m Posted 10 years ago. Edited by noa m (member) 10 years ago
this is my favorite Israel photo at the moment. it's from the old city of Safed. I call it "Lion in Zion"
Lion in Zion
wentloog PRO 10 years ago
The old City Hall, Cardiff - capital city of Wales'

City Hall
Swanee 3 10 years ago
I'm from Alaska

dead trees in salt water

And now live in Arizona

Ghost Mining
Iris_14 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Iris_14 (member) 10 years ago
I live near Geneva Lake, Switzerland
Lac Léman depuis Morges
bluecinderella Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Pixmaniaque (member) 10 years ago
Hi. I'm from the great state of Louisiana . . . home of Mardi Gras, birthplace of Jazz, the only place to eat real jambalaya & boudin, site of the oldest bar in the US of A, and petri dish for hmm . . "colorful?" . . . politicians since the days of Earl K. Long.
(What can I say, I'm a proud NOLA girl !) . . . Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

Secret Creole Cottage
testa.rossa 10 years ago
"San Pietrini" from Roma
i_lectra 10 years ago
Santorini, Greece (I know, I know, too touristic... but for a good reason!!!)
Santorini, Greece
Katerina. 10 years ago
the seafront at Thessaloniki, Greece
【Qatari】™ 10 years ago
Doha , Qatar

فمــان الله
The Forth Bridge, Scotland

The Forth Bridge at dusk (IMGP2422)
jullyrock 10 years ago
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...
The Sugar Loaf...
Matteo Verre 10 years ago
This is a Shot made near my home...
Loneliness is Happiness
Tapeten 10 years ago
Bergen, Norway:

It's a dark and quiet city, Bergen
Dollymae Dagger 10 years ago
I don't live in California anymore.... but this picture was taken in Big Sur, along highway 1. A view of the Pacific, from the western edge of the USA.

Big Sur
CandyAppleRed Images Posted 10 years ago. Edited by CandyAppleRed Images (member) 10 years ago
Ware, a small-ish town north of London but on what was formerly one of the main river routes into the capital.

St. Mary's Church, Ware
Guy K10D 10 years ago
I live near Fairfield Iowa USA, the home of Maharishi University of Management. This is a picture of one of the university's two golden domes. The domes are halls for daily group meditations.

It's just a regular Iowa town :-)

Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge
LindsayDanielle 10 years ago
Oregon in a diptych.

Oregon, USA
I love it.
doramine PRO 10 years ago
This is a real ducht photo with a mill , i love it HOLLAND
scuba622 PRO 9 years ago
I have to say that we have great landscapes in Canada in the fall...

Colors and light
andymag PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by andymag (member) 9 years ago
I live next door to this pub in Hythe on the south coast of England.

The Hythe Cowboy
losy PRO 9 years ago
Solothurn/Switzerland... where I lived before moving to Canada ... the oldest baroque city in Switzerland

wittco.gmbh PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by wittco.gmbh (member) 9 years ago
Portland, Oregon, USA
Portland Tram 1
This is a new tram, southern point of Portland, the city, the rivers, and the mountains to the north. (And yes, it is raining, again.)
Christian-DL 9 years ago
at NongsaVillage, Batam - Kep.Riau, Indonesia.
Pathway (Turi-TNIV)
Jawdoc PRO 9 years ago
Vancouver, Canada
cold legs...warm head
Rainbow Vathorst by https://www.facebook.com/ArrrrtDesignPhotography

I live in a new area in the old city of Amersfoort in the Netherlands. A new part of town has been build over the past few years with approx 12.000 new homes. I am the lucky owner of one of them, not too far from the country side.
James_Shook PRO 9 years ago

Near Stuyvesant, New York State, USA
mapereztello 9 years ago
Zaragoza - Spain
hearstphoto 9 years ago
This is a scene from AT&T Park in San Francisco, with a view of the Bay and Oakland in the background.

ATT Park two ships by hearstphoto

I made it from the upper deck while my team, the Oakland A's, was losing to the SF Giants
Ura Me qira 044

Mitrovica Brige, Rep of Kosovo
fitzesqmaya Posted 9 years ago. Edited by fitzesqmaya (member) 9 years ago
Looking from the Wharf towards Steamer's Land (a famous surf break) and Lighthouse Point, Santa Cruz, California
Sunset From the Wharf
picazam 9 years ago
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka City
Nᴉɹʌɐuɐ SQ PRO 8 years ago
I don't right now live in a city...
...but I often visit Morelia, a city where I've lived on and off through out my life.

Guerras al aire
Fast Freddie [deleted] 8 years ago
Stockholm Globe Arena
Globe Arena
Mimi_K PRO 8 years ago
Nicholson St

One of Melbourne's wide streets with the city in the background.
LaggCity [deleted] 8 years ago
HI THis photo is from a little town called Patumahoe in Auckland New Zealand.

agarrulousnature 8 years ago
I'm one of the few who can say they were born in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
williscreek 8 years ago
Denver Colorado

Read a Book
mauresque 8 years ago
Lethbridge, Alberta
Chinese National League
tugboat1952 PRO 8 years ago
Sydney Opera House ,passing by ship.
opera house
ocalf-53 8 years ago
Toronto, Canada
yellow umbrellas
Las Vegas, Nevada

Koval Ave. 064
glozz91 8 years ago
Born in San Francisco, CA, and as the symbol of my beloved city, here it is:

Golden Gate bridge. by glozz91

Raised in Tepatitlán, JAL, Mexico:

British Columbia, Canada

Surfs up!
da boom dunt 8 years ago
  by da boom dunt

a beautiful warm evening in sacramento, ca.
Arkodeb 8 years ago
Varanasi, India

Orioto PRO 8 years ago
Paris, France :)

Eiffel Boat 02 by Orioto
HagleyParkJon 8 years ago
Chilham Kent England
Ricardo Bustos Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ricardo Bustos (member) 8 years ago
Cali- Colombia
linkwize Posted 8 years ago. Edited by linkwize (member) 8 years ago
Slade Point, North Queensland, Australia

Reno, Nevada

r mills images 109
ebergcanada PRO 7 years ago
Southern Alberta, Canada

Red Rock Coulee
Insistent Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Insistent (member) 2 years ago
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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