Håkan Dahlström PRO 8:19am, 17 August 2007
It would be nice to see a photo of your neighborhood just to getting to know you better. Why not pick one photo that represent your neighborhood and post it as a small or medium photo in this thread?

Here is a photo of my neighborhood:

Rick Post Photography 9 years ago
I'm honored to be your second member!! :O) This should be a fun project. I've already tried to cheat by loading my first picture from the 15th when you started the group instead of the day I joined!!

Here's the old firehouse in the small town we live outside of:

E of the Sun/W of the Moon [deleted] 9 years ago
Hello! I was thinking of creating a group very similar to this, but since you started this one, I hope you don't mind another member.

I only seem to visit my neighborhood at night-- but it is nice:

The Village at Night
Mimi Kat 9 years ago
Håkan Dahlström PRO 9 years ago
Wow! Texas! The world is shrinking... :-)
Dobromir Sokolov 9 years ago
Say Goodbye to the Day
Håkan Dahlström PRO 9 years ago
Bulgaria I presume?
vagaman. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by vagaman. (member) 9 years ago
Δερβενοχώρια village

Hello! I live in Athens, Greece! This is a pic from the place I live North-West of Athens. It is something between a village and a city. I wish u luck with your new group Hakan!
ewan13 [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ewan13 (member) 9 years ago
Great Idea Hakan! But how can paste a photo here?
gdraskoy Posted 9 years ago. Edited by gdraskoy (member) 9 years ago
I think small photo is enough, think about if we have scroll down 70 pictures to see the last one.!!!

I am from Vancouver, Canada, born in Budapest, Hungary 77 years ago and photographing all over the world.
This photo shows the view from my balcony.
To see more pictures from my balcony pls go
sunset-1 9 years ago
Hi, I'm from Munich, Germany, and I live about 5 mins away from this thing:
citywalker PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by citywalker (member) 9 years ago
This is my view in Seattle. Until two years ago the sculpture park was a fuel storage facility, this is nicer.
Bengt58 9 years ago
R A Pyke (SweRon) PRO 9 years ago
I am a Canadian living just outside Örebro, Sweden... Pretty much heaven on earth (sorry Canada)...
Summer 1
staura [deleted] 9 years ago
Bergen, Norway
nyperson PRO 9 years ago
My part of New York City
feelings* 9 years ago
Picture 0071

view from my balcony. Toronto.
Jouleon 9 years ago
i,m live in Manresa (Barcelona,Spain) in summer is a sunny place!
amazin walter PRO 9 years ago
i live on South Padre Island, Texas.... it is cold today... it is 51 f right now... aaaah...
HakanGil 8 years ago
Greetings from Istanbul..

I can swim...
Zumix 8 years ago
Hello from Malmö !

Jeff Bartlett [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm a Canadian, living abroad in Mendoza, Argentina...

Peatonal Y San Martin
Julek,- Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Julek,- (member) 8 years ago
I'm from Poland. At the moment I live in the capital city of Poland - in Warsaw, where I study medicine.
I live in downtown to be able to get to the hospital early in the mornig, because I like to sleep longer ;)
Here is my colsest neighborhood:
Colour changing
Paul Marculescu Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Paul Marculescu (member) 7 years ago
I'm from Romania and I've been living in Stockholm for almost 2 years. I live on Kungsholmen, the island under the clouds in this image:
The view

Here are some more images from Kungsholmen.
Emmaginary Photography [deleted] 7 years ago

This a photo of where i live in Milton Keynes in England.
tomstar3000 7 years ago
Boulder Colorado is where I hang my hat.
quack of dawn PRO 7 years ago
I'm Swedish, but I live in the lovely city of Saint John, N.B. Canada. This would have been my view from the balcony, had I lived on the other side of this building:

ithinkmedia PRO 7 years ago
I live in Colorado, west of Colorado Springs near Pikes Peak. Here's a photo I took a few months ago close to my house.

Colorado Rocky Mountains
fee easton 7 years ago
view from my bedroom window of ripon cathedral
Ripon Cathedral View
thomaslarsson 7 years ago
This is so Sweden. The factory where the Falu Rödfärg is produced. And yes, it's in Falun.


I'm not kidding. I live in LUND as in FröLUNDa.
sturmwarnung 7 years ago
A view from my Window...
Nacht, Regen by sturmwarnung

Vienna, Austria.
Lars Clausen PRO 7 years ago
The yellow building up under the roof, in the middle of the picture is where I have my studio, in Svendborg, Denmark.

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