farlane PRO 11:08am, 20 September 2005
Absolute Michigan is a collection of Michigan-only news and links. While the site is designed to (hopefully, some day) make money, it is also designed to promote the state of Michigan as a place to visit, live and work.

We are dedicated to pursuing projects that highlight what is great about the Great Lakes State and that help to make Michigan a more liveable and vital place. One way that we'd like to do this is by showing photos of both the natural and man-made beauty of Michigan.

In my opinion, many of the photos on Flickr do just that and rather than run all over the state, trying to figure out what to take pictures of, I'd like to enlist the aid of you Michigan photographers and ask that you submit your best work to this group.

By doing so, you agree that we may use versions of your picture on Absolute Michigan. If at some point in the future you decide you want your photo removed, you can email me and we'll remove it as soon as we can (removing it from the group is not enough as we'd have no way of knowing!).

We may delete some photos from the group pool for reasons that might appear totally arbitrary.

We in turn agree that your photo will link to its Flickr page. Almost all the time we will caption it as well.

If that sounds good to you, then please post a photo or five. If it doesn't thanks for reading this long message.

-Andrew McFarlane, Publisher, Absolute Michigan
jeff lamb PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jeff lamb (member) 9 years ago
I think there should be limits on posts per day, there are too many using the pool as their own dumping ground, simply diluting the pool w/ hundreds of images.....jeff
cactus4christ 9 years ago
Hi Jeff,

sorry that happened, certainly was not my intention, I tried to upload just one photo to this group, instead it dumped all my recent shots there for some reason! Sorry about that....I am not familiar nor do I know how yet to use the group system yet, I guess. It takes trial & error you know, this is the very first time I attempted to share my photos on a group! like your Leelanau pics used to live in Cedar area, a few months back. Dan :) Boyne Falls, MI
cactus4christ 9 years ago
Dear Editor, Farlane....

just wanted to let you know it was by pure accident that all my recent photos ended up on Absolute have my complete permission to delete every one of them! I tried to upload just one instead all of them uploaded. Sorry about that ....plz accept my apologies!! not sure what I did wrong. Dan
Diann* PRO 9 years ago
Mistakes happen to all of us. :) Dan, don't beat yourself up over it.
cactus4christ 9 years ago
Diann, thx 4 the nice words! hope you are enjoying all the fall colors, enjoying nature & all that God has blessed us with in Michigan! Dan
jeff lamb PRO 9 years ago
yea i shouldn't get up so early and say crumby things, i was just surprised i guess by so many, sorry, not just you
not that i don't like looking at your work either...
and shoot i make plenty of mistakes as well, j
farlane PRO 9 years ago
No worries Dan. The fact that I had no limit on the photos per day made it easy to make that mistake with one wrong click! I removed some of them - it's a great group of photo though!

I did set a limit of 10 per day ... then I bumped it to 15.

-Mr. Editor Farlane (aka Andy McFarlane) ;)
cactus4christ 9 years ago

thx for your comments. Nice to get to meet & visit w/ you! loved your recent shots of apples, grape clusters, and recent pix.....very nice composition & lightning & angle! Dan super job!! what county or city are you near?
jeff lamb PRO 9 years ago
it is a great group of photos,
wrong click i,m sure i,ve done that,
and only once in awhile do i do photos into the pool thing either, so i don't know much about it, so looking forward to more,
thanks to andy, j
capnjoninc [deleted] 9 years ago
I just signed up to flickr, but cannot transfer my pics to the absolute michigan site...How do I do it? I am capnjoninc @ the flickr pic site...I desperately want to add my pic's to the absolute Mi's map!! :(
farlane PRO 9 years ago
Hi Capn Jon - to add your photos to the group, simply go to the photos you think are absolutely Michigan. Above every one of your pictures you will see a button (towards the left) that says "Send to Group". If you're a member of the Absolute Michigan group, you'll see an option to send it here!
capnjoninc [deleted] 9 years ago
I got it! Thanks...Photo's on the way!! ;)
1971Rich [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by 1971Rich (member) 9 years ago
Do you let the person know that a photo of their's was choosen for the website?

Just curious, I'd like to tell people I was posted (just to boost my ego - LOL)

farlane PRO 9 years ago
Hey Rich, if we blog the photo to Absolute Michigan, we post a comment on the photo!
Rosemarie Hughes 9 years ago
Hi all!
I lived the first 20 years of my life in Michigan and miss it terribly!
I get back when I can to visit family but that's not nearly enough. I love this group, though I end up all nostalgic and melancholy after looking at the beautiful photos.
Just one question, how can we find out if our photos are used on your website?
Much thanks,
Rosemarie of Southgate, MI.
farlane PRO 9 years ago
Hi Rosemarie!

I hear you on the nostalgia thing - one of my big motivators with Absolute Michigan is missing Michigan.

When we post a photo to Absolute Michigan, we post a comment on the photo with a link to the where we posted it.

(a lot of the photos on Michigan in Pictures come from this group too, and I do the same thing)
farlane PRO 8 years ago
Edited this to say I'm now the publisher ... gotta love a promotion.
jimifin 7 years ago
Hi, Im new to flicker (joined yesterday), and absolute michigan (Joined) today. my question is, is this just a web sight? or magizine or both? and by useing the photos we upload. it says we can use them? for what just the web sight? or anything you want? i guess im just not sure what that means. thanks and hi to all.
farlane PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by farlane (admin) 7 years ago
Hey there - thanks for joining the group! Absolute Michigan is a web site hat is dedicated to the promotion of Michigan business and organizations and also as a destination for travel & fun.

By adding photos here you give us non-exclusive rights to use it on the site. That means that you can also use the photos anywhere you want as well. We agree that we'll link back to you when we use them.
Hello. I'm wondering... can you now guarantee that you will credit any photos you use from flickr members who join this group and add photos to it for people to see?
I do want to spread the Michigan love, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up rights to my photos (not that you will use any). I did add 5 just now, but I might request a delete if you don't guarantee credits.
Thanks for your time and input,
kiwirat PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by kiwirat (member) 6 years ago
By adding photos here you give us non-exclusive rights to use it on the site. That means that you can also use the photos anywhere you want as well. We agree that we'll link back to you when we use them.

doesn't sound like you have to give up your rights
Thanks... my question was more about the photo credit. I think I'd want to ensure that if any of my photos were ever used, it would definitely have a credit. Not a big deal, but if I saw a photo used frequently, I'd want the credit. Call me selfish if you want...
Kevin's Stuff PRO 6 years ago
They've used my images in the past (and hopefully in the future) and have always given me credit. I have no worries with this group.
farlane PRO 6 years ago
Hello Nicole, we always give credit and you keep all your rights. Except the rare cases when we use the pics in videos, we also use a link back to your Flickr page.

Sweet, thanks for verifying everyone! I love Michigan and what we have to offer, especially in our area, and I do take a lot of photos. Part of my asking was because I take pride in being part of such a beautiful state as well as being affiliated with all the events and such that I attend and photograph. I am thrilled when my photos are used and am proud when I'm credited for what I might document.
Happy Holidays!
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