herspiral PRO 9:10pm, 14 December 2012
I am a photographer in a particular school of photography called Absolue Eye. We engage with the perceptual – pre-existing, out in the world, relatively unmanipulated by post-processing. One of the areas we study is what is called “Objective Surrealism” – the world of shop windows, mannequins and advertising, and how it appears really quite odd once you start looking closely at it. And yet, it is always there for the looking.

My shots in this show center around mannequins and their universe. This is nicknamed “Manny World” in our photography school. Sexy, romantic, scary, broken, disheveled. Sometimes completely human-seeming, sometimes totally abstract save a slice of a nose and dent near where the eyes should be.

My goal is to have people really take time to look into the “windows” I create with my images and really look eye to eye with these perpetual strangers in our midst. Most of the work is printed on canvas, which gives it an even more ethereal, and strangely warm and human, feel. The rest are printed and matted and framed under glass, perpetuating the “window” appearance.
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