herspiral PRO 4:26pm, 27 April 2012
Dear Miksang, Kado and Contemplative Art friends,

I would like to draw you attention to the forthcoming Contemplative Art programmes at the London Shambhala Mediation Centre. Most of you have attended previous art programmes and we are offering further Miksang programmes this year as well a Kado programme with Marica Shibata. Marcia has not been teaching in London for almost 10 years, even if you are not planning to partake in this programme, I would like to invite you to come to her Friday evening talk on the 18th.

Helen Vink is renting the centre to present the Miksang teachings of the Michael Wood school of Contemplative Photography.

Miriam Hall is back for Miksang Absolute Eye and Contemplative Writing. I hope to see you at one of our programmes and hope you enjoy your creative work and working with perceptions, colours and flowers opening to that which exists in all and infuses us.

10.-13. May: Contemplative Photography with Helen Vink /

This progrmame is highly recommended for anybody interested in Photography as well as all previous Miksang students. Studying in the Michael Wood school will give you the opportunity to study more deeply with brilliant photographers, especially Michael Wood as well as with Helen Vink, Julie de Boius, Andy Karr.

18.-20. May The Way of Flowers and Nature with Marcia Shibata/

This course is way more then flower arranging and form . Learn the connection between Heaven, Earth and Humanity from the wisdom teachings of Kado, Ikebana, Shambhala and Buddhism presented by Marcia Shibata. How we all connect and communicate and how our creative work represents the law of nature as it is: in us, the world and the universe.

8.-10. June Contemplative Writing/

Miriam will be back, we all enjoyed her warmth, good heartedness and sharp mind. This year for the first time teaching Contemplative Writing. she will also be teaching the following programme:

28.June- 1. July "Absolute Eye" Contemplative Photography with Miriam Hall/

Best wishes, warmly,

Denise Borrmann

Contemplative Arts Coordinator

London Shambhala Meditation Centre
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