herspiral PRO 1:17am, 15 March 2012
I've been noticing a lot of sexiness here lately - lotsa lips! I am a lip fan myself, but just in case you need a little something more "toned down", check out the film excerpt for "Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal" - you can get it on DVD from Netflix US if you have it, on a disc with many other short films

see excerpt of film here for explanation

Thanks to for bringing this to our attention so long ago!

This is also a tantalizer to join us in Chicago in May for Advanced Absolute Eye - if you have taken Absolute Eye twice now, you can go for another round, this one focusing on Ellsworth Kelly and Robert Rauschenberg - Minimalism/Color Fields and Paste-up. Please register with # Chicago Shambhala.
jmeinstein PRO 6 years ago
Thanks for the video, it was like watching paint dry (pun intended) but I enjoyed looking at the Rothko-like clean up work. Spectacularly innocent work....or is it?
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