equal car [deleted] 12:27am, 29 November 2011
what do we mean when we say (or hear or read) something like 'nice transformation' when referring to an AbEye image?
herspiral PRO 7 years ago
Great question.

I think it's related to John's comments on "appropriation" - appropriation is when we simply take what is there at it's aesthetic value, and it is not changed in some way through our perception/photo. Some mannequin shots can be like this - appropriation is, in some ways, documentary - documenting art, mind you, but documenting art that already exists. I think that transformation has to do with the image showing other sides of the presentation/showing a change happening in front of our eyes...

I am going to use Sari's examples since she's posted a lot lately.
This is almost appropriation - very cool recontextualization, and a great "Absolute Eye" meta shot, but also, simply seeing what is:
Eye on Art by SariFF

Whereas this photo has a transformative quality - another dimension/exploring an ephemeral meaning without words:
Beyond the Curtain by SariFF

I realize the way I said that makes it sound like I mean that as long as we use words it isn't transformative, but I don't mean it that way. I think this one is pretty transformative, too:
Wich by SariFF

Anyone else?
equal car [deleted] 6 years ago
Thanks, M. so when john refers to the type of images he was looking for the calendar (semiotic metropolis) this is what he's referring to. Something happening within something else. that 'other world/sci-fi' quality? I totally see the difference and appreciate your explanation.
herspiral PRO 6 years ago
I believe that this is basically what he is saying. The "semiotics" of the metropolis is the transformative process.

If that sentence made sense to you, you are a better intellectual than I.
: )
equal car [deleted] 6 years ago
ha, you know i'm not but i do get it (for some strange reason - maybe the malbec!)
herspiral PRO 6 years ago
Maybe it's because we "can't" get it intellectually, even though they are intellectual terms. Dude. Whoa.
equal car [deleted] 6 years ago
oh, why do we try then?
herspiral PRO 6 years ago
Because we can get it intuitively, even with words - intellectual terms.
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