Please continue!

JOHNNY FOTO 3:09am, 2 September 2007
Laurel,Why don't you resume uploading and you decide what stays or goes.
Come On.We have some good stuff.
herspiral PRO 11 years ago
Hi guys

The news is that we are in segue right now. Not sure if the group is going to continue public or not. I am sorry for the confusion. We are all meeting in Toronto in October and we can hopefully figure out how to clean this up together.

The problem is that Absolute Eye is so young, and barely being taught yet. Both of your, and everyone else's, enthusiasm has been wonderful. It's not about whether or not your photos are good - just about confusion at our end as to how to present teachings without actually teaching. Please stay posted.

JOHNNY FOTO 11 years ago
forgetfulmare 11 years ago
Oh sorry, I should have read this first before questioning the disabling thing.
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