herspiral PRO 4:35pm, 9 June 2007
Hi everyone -

Quite a few of you got here via Miksang, and I just wanted to clarify that they are not the same thing. If you have gotten here because I have said "this is more Absolute Eye than Miksang" that means the shot, or most of your work, is more conceptual, abstract-arty, rather than simple shots of daily perception. We will work on clearing up Absolute Eye, as I have been doing with Miksang, to make this more apparent, but in the meantime, please consider doing the following:

1. Look through both before submitting your work to either group.
2. Don't submit the same pieces to both groups. This means double the work for your admins.
3. Look at what of yours has been approved or denied for Miksang, that is a good starting point.
4. Get discussion going in Absolute Eye.

As I mentioned, we will begin cleaning up more of this group in the next week or so, so that it is clearer to you what is Absolute Eye and what is Miksang. Related but not the same...

la boo PRO 11 years ago
a shorter version is now on the welcome page.
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