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swallowtail5055 1:08pm, 22 May 2012
I joined up on the 12/05/2012 and posted 7 photographs of signs. Today I looked in All Contributions and my photographs aren't there. Can anyone tell me why? Did I upload them wrong?
_Scorps_ PRO 5 years ago
Have you put this tag in your photos?


If you have left that out then they will not be picked up

Here is a link to what you need to do in order to enter the project

I noticed that you have not added any of your images to the group pool....that may help as well,

Then you just wait until a producer gets around to accepting your images.
swallowtail5055 5 years ago
Thanks for replying, I have checked my photos and they are tagged correctly also I'm in the group ABC Open Camera Club, is there another group pool I should add myself to? Hope you can help as I'm new at this.

_Scorps_ PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by _Scorps_ (member) 5 years ago
I dare say then that it is simply a matter of the one of the producers not accepting your images to the pool as yet.....sometimes they take awhile, sometimes they do it real quick....would one of the producers/admins/mods like to step in here? this post has been live for two days yet not one admin has said anything as yet, with 49 mods and 2 admins, surely someone could have helped the OP out.
TonyBryant54 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by TonyBryant54 (member) 5 years ago
Hi Anne

I've had the pleasure of contributing to this and other ABC Open projects, and I guess the producers are quite busy.

May I suggest though that you check that each shot has been individually `Added to the group', because from your Photostream it looks like they have not.

Your shots do seem to have the correct machine tag though, so that is not an issue here.

There are two factors in play, first you need to join the group, which you say you have done, but secondly, each shot has to be added to the group separately, otherwise every shot you put on your Photostream would appear in the ABC group, which I'm sure you wouldn't want.

Also, I think Flickr's rules require you to have uploaded five shots to be able to join a group, but it looks as though you've done this already.

You need to check under the `Groups' menu at the top of your page that ABC Open Camera Club is on the list.

If this is so, on the page for each shot, the sequence is to left click on `Actions' to open the Actions menu and then on `Add to Group' lower down.
When the menu box opens showing ABC Open Camera Club, click in the small box to the left of the group name and wait until a green tick appears to the right, which means the shot has been successfully added to that group.

Repeat for all the other shots.

You'll now still have to wait until a producer approves the shots, but I hope this helps.
Agree with everything here but I'd like to add I've had lots of problems with images never being "looked at". So much so that one producer had to investigate and about 75 unprocessed came through. I added some two weeks ago for the signs project - and they have not come through yet - but everyone has the correct machine tag.
ABC Open 5 years ago
Hi Anne,
Sorry for the delayed reply to your original message. I've just checed your images and they are now on ABC Open here:

We have been having some technical problems with flickr which has meant that even after photos have been approved to the group with the correct machine tag it can take quite a few days for them to be indexed properly in flickr and to come through to the ABC Open website. Hopefully your issue is now fixed, but please feel free to contact us if you have any more problems.

Thanks for being part of ABC Open.
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