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cosmicnights 12:28pm, 10 June 2007
I have an interest in photographing old swimming pools but unfortunately never get to see any. I never get to see any though. I would love to see some of the pools other people have photographed. I love these Chernobyl pics.

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Vannah Von Sally (ARCHIVES.) [deleted] 11 years ago
I actually have one in my "Florida" set. There is just something about abandoned pools that is interesting, ain't it?
JibberJaber Posted 11 years ago. Edited by JibberJaber (member) 11 years ago
Care to dive in?
Care to dive in?
Lee Otis 11 years ago
I found this one at an abandoned campground off of Interstate 40 in Arizona.

into the deep end
[kren] 11 years ago

End of Summer
TunnelBug PRO 11 years ago
Mmmmm... abandoned pool yummy goodness...
The Pool
cosmicnights 11 years ago
Far out, these pics are fantastic! Keep them coming!!
Roadsidepictures 11 years ago
Paradise Spa Pool
bethany barton 11 years ago
yankeepez 11 years ago
Mow the deep end
Soupflower 11 years ago
Here you should find plenty of empty pool pics.



McCarren Pool
Dragon breeder 11 years ago
do you find any pool toys in them? deflated?
gbmcinephoto 11 years ago
EPIDEMIA_ 11 years ago
Piscina abandonada

mountaineerfan Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mountaineerfan (member) 11 years ago
Just uploaded a 5 pic set called "Lost Summer" of an abandoned pool in my neighborhood. Have long been fascinated with abandoned things, but this is the first time photographing them. Enjoy.

This reminds me of a place here in West Virginia, in a remote area called Cranberry Ridge. Totally uninhabited and accessible only with a four-wheel-drive, but when you come to the top of this huge hill, there's a clearing, a house foundation, and a huge chimney. And, over near the edge of the woods is a complete in-ground concrete pool that is probably well over 50 years old. The house was built by a wealthy man long ago, but when the house burned down, he abandoned the property altogether. It's been years since I've seen that or even thought of it, but it was probably that experience that really piqued my interest in abandoned places.
Nancymesaaz~ PRO 11 years ago

here's another
Doctor Beef 11 years ago
Abandoned Motel - 10

This thing was sludgey black, completely full (this hotel had to have been abandoned for awhile, yet there appeared to be no evaporation loss), and had a 1.75L empty bottle of Smirnoff floating in it. We weren't able to get inside, which is probably good - I can't imagine how it must have smelled in there.
cosmicnights 11 years ago
Festy! Freaky!
photofiend358 PRO 11 years ago
Ugh - I'll have to see if I can find the photographer's name, but someone in a Toronto gallery showed an amazing collection of abandoned swimming pools in suburban New Orleans (8 mo. after Katrina, I think).
jgurbisz PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jgurbisz (member) 11 years ago
Abandoned Sun Tan Lake Resort: New Jersey
It was the largest man made pool in NJ at one point.

Ladder Into The Depths
non_com 11 years ago
all these photos are wonderful. Pools left to the forces of nature in this way are so sad especially when taken in b/w.
Theres something almost spooky about "upshift" photo number 2 above. Its very eerie.
Ruin T Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Ruin T (member) 10 years ago
Ruin T Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Ruin T (member) 10 years ago
Lee Otis Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Lee Otis (member) 11 years ago
A pool shell sitting on the side of the road in rural Botswana:

roadside pool
crankorgan 11 years ago
Years ago I used to swim at a place called Shady Lane. It was a swimming pool that had a small stream feeding it. You had to go down a dirt road off the highway to get there. There was a diving board at the end where the water spilled over. The walls were cement. There was sand beaches. There were picnic tables sitting higher up around the swimming hole. There was a sliding board near the parking lot behind the refreshment stand. My neighbors say it was Sun Tan Lake. I remember it as Shady Lane. I saw the picture from Sun Tan here I am hoping someones can tell me how big Sun Tan was. Shady Lane was only a hundred feet or so long. It also had a pile of rocks in the water where a spring feed the pool. Anybody? It was off RT23 somewhere

Parksy1964 11 years ago
Whilst not my pic, I love this image of the old Spa baths in my town of Buxton in Derbyshire, UK.

Buxton Spa, Derbyshire

Hopefully this will be back to it's former glory in the next few years.
Maproom Systems [deleted] 11 years ago
my swimming pool
Lee Otis 11 years ago
Another addition from Africa:

Winter Palace Pool
Dazza . PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Dazza . (member) 10 years ago
Here's the swimming pool at Pripyat / Chernobyl from my recent trip!
Pripyat - Abandoned City
Shane Goguen [deleted] 11 years ago
Shane Goguen [deleted] 11 years ago
Maria*PA 11 years ago
Swim Meet

The funny thing is I don't live in a town with a whole heck of a lot of abandoned things. Real estate is just too valuable. This property is actually scheduled to be developed as houses soon, but of course is hung up in the courts over zoning.
radio_inactive 11 years ago

Kiddie pool
David Barrie PRO 11 years ago
This is a great thread. Here's my oh-so-discrete english example:

Hole in the ground
.carly 11 years ago
Amyunimus 11 years ago
I found this one in Kentucky, near Cumberland Falls. The depth of the dark water (see the peeling "8" on the side) was what I found really unsettling.

night photographer 11 years ago
An Indoor abandoned pool in the UK - what a rare find!

IMG_0605 raw edit
Sgt Marshall Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sgt Marshall (member) 11 years ago
From Japan
Just the thing…
moggierocket PRO 11 years ago
Great pics! if anyone knows an abandoned pool in Holland, please contact me! :)
onemorechris 11 years ago
ive got some pics of abandoned slides im about to put on this group..hope you like tham also. some really nice photos here
gianlucafavaron PRO 11 years ago
italy - porto s. margherita (caorle)

LstCaress 11 years ago

took these the other day. i kept going by the pool and finally my curiosity won over.. even though i'm pretty sure i've got abandoned-pool-o-phobia. :P
chaps1 PRO 11 years ago
Some great shots in this thread!

Abandoned pool
RoystonVasey PRO 11 years ago
Rock Pool
Fancy a Swim?
flickrized PRO 11 years ago
not for diving
griffjon 11 years ago
No sh*t, sherlock!
loic_ PRO 11 years ago
Another one from Switzerland:
Motel de Founex
saguarosally 11 years ago
I found two at the same motel, although I didn't get much of a picture of one.

Bowie Empty Pool 1

Bowie Empty Pool 2
Exothermic 11 years ago
some really cool shots in here!
remittancegirl PRO 11 years ago
Ooh, ooh... I have two for you:

The pool: No diving unless you're already dead


The Swimming Pool
hscottbrown [deleted] 11 years ago

Arlington Baths - Glasgow
Yahoo Incorperate [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Yahoo Incorperate (member) 11 years ago
B-67 PRO 11 years ago
Some abandoned swimmingpools:

Gr, Bart

SebastianDooris PRO 11 years ago
B-67 PRO 11 years ago
Londonstudios PRO 11 years ago
Hi, i have no pool pics,but have enjoyed looking at this fantastic collection of work,thanks.
SilverRaven7 11 years ago
Empty pools make me quite sad for some reason. =( Here's one on the 6th floor of a Sheradon...

Going for a swim?
B. Loren [deleted] 11 years ago
love abandoned places, and pools are especially awesome.
here's one i took a while back...

i have more of this hotel and other abandoned places on my stream..
sleepy_p Posted 11 years ago. Edited by sleepy_p (member) 11 years ago

Sutro pools rhuins in San Francisco.
boeke Posted 11 years ago. Edited by boeke (member) 11 years ago
Deep End

MORE HERE! >>> League of the Empty Pool

I would love to see some of the above added to this group! ;)
sean_nextwave 11 years ago
ktchn 11 years ago
Sassmo 11 years ago
I didn't get the opportunity to photograph them, but there are a couple of really great abandoned pools at a The Timber Cove Inn along the coast of California, about 2 hours North of San Francisco.
transatlantic harry 11 years ago
Theres always Victoria Baths near me in Manchester-beautiful building, fnally being restored after a great deal of media exposure,well photographed because of it- plenty of pics on flickr...
Luke H 11 years ago
Do any of you happen to live in California and have access to the "Spider Pool" ??

In the 1950s there were several stag magazine photos shot at some exotic locale in California (I assume near Hollywood) where there was a big tile wall with a spider on it. I can try to dig up some info online. Someone unlocked the mystery of the location recently and it's still around to be photographed (I think!)

It'd be cool to see some high res photos of the place.

Now don't go clicking on this if you're at work, because there are photos of nude women (from the 1950s) on this blog, but it details the events that led up to finding the spider pool again after all those years!


If any of you are in the area and could snag me a piece of broken tile that still remains on site, I'd be happy to pay you for it!
John Mason 11 years ago

Found this on google earth and then went out to find it! yes, about 8,000miles from where I live. Rather disappointed to find it abandoned.
bobrocks79 PRO 11 years ago
Wanna swim?
oldsk8rdude 11 years ago
It's really cool that you all like abandoned pools! My fellow skateboarders and I have much love for these things. Well, at least the ones with transitions (curved bottoms). Very good pics!
gooley_demosthenes 11 years ago
They must have AIDS.
The East Coast Diablo 11 years ago
dredre 11 years ago
found a nice selection of abandoned pools in san bernadino from a site called "polar inertia journal online" - found it facinating. The text there says that after the 2003 fires in San Bernadino these are the empty lots with their pools.

watsonsinelgin 11 years ago
Waco Pool

This is what remains of the swimming pool at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas. Its dark water was eerie and lifeless on this winter day.

It is made of rough concrete and was obviously created by the followers of David Koresh and not a pool company. It was only a dozen or so yards away from here that many of the children that had played in the pool were hidden in a bunker and consumed by fire when the FBI retook the compound.
justifiedinlove 11 years ago

in kabul, afghanistan, ca. 2003. empty pool atop Bibi Mahro hill.
Cyril Wermers Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Cyril Wermers (member) 11 years ago

On october 29 2007, in the city of Enschede, the Netherlands, 600.000 ltrs of water disappeared overnight from the Aquadrome swimmingpool . The leak has not yet been found. Will the people of Enschede ever be able to swim again in the Aquadrome? Only time will tell.

see also: Enschede a/zee
radio_inactive Posted 11 years ago. Edited by radio_inactive (member) 11 years ago




These are from a pool complex in Bridgeton, Missouri that was bought out by Lambert St. Louis Airport along with Carrollton Subdivision that had about 2,000 homes of which most are destroyed. More about it here:
56 Houses Left
ektopia 11 years ago
Town builds pool
People use pool
People stop using pool
People complain that they are subsidising the pool with their local taxes as there are not enough people passing the turnstiles
Pool gets closed
People complain that pool has closed
Group joins to fight and get pool re-opened

Dive Right In

Summer Is Coming!

What's The Frequency Kenneth
flash.pro PRO 11 years ago
One from Holland:
Verlaten zwembad
HolmesBartonHolmes PRO 11 years ago
This one is the former YMCA pool in Buras, LA, post-Katrina. The eye of the hurricane went right over Buras, and more or less leveled the town. 18 months later, the pool is a mix of brackish salt and fresh water, with a few small crabs living in it. The blue cinderblocks behind are what is left of the locker rooms.

YMCA Pool, Post-Katrina
Lee Otis 11 years ago
Glad to see this thread is still going. Here's one from southern California:

silverxraven [deleted] 11 years ago
Seen in Arizona, in a small town Coolidge, south of Phoenix:

ths swimming pool
tracymadaj 11 years ago
Mccarren pool Brooklyn NY
elefant in the pool

Mccarren pool

elefant in the pool
erdalito PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by erdalito (member) 11 years ago
this was an old nice one which has been gone.......for a mall
MelanieAnneMarie PRO 11 years ago
Excellent thread. Lately I've been having dreams about abandoned,empty, indoor swimming pools, so this was a great find.
Al Morrison 11 years ago
Just found this thread, and I see "bthnybrtn" posted a shot of this same pool about six months ago, but I thought I'd update it with two shots of mine. Appears to be a bit more water in it than when she was there. The roof collapse no doubt helps the water level.

Resort Pool

No Lifeguard On Duty
mrwillwoodgate Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mrwillwoodgate (member) 10 years ago
Tinside Lido, Plymouth Hoe (UK):

This sea-filled swimming pool was on the verge of being concreted over a few years ago. Thankfully though, they decided to renovate it and it is used by thousands of people each summer as a safe, clean swimming pool. But it looks very 'abandoned' each winter when it's closed! That's a fountain you can see in the middle and at night during the summer, the whole pool is illuminated with changing-coloured lights.
fallsroad PRO 10 years ago
texas chainsaw massacre pool
aveteva1 10 years ago
Resort Hotel

Resort Hotel
Visual Distress 10 years ago
ten and a half

outdoor pool


night pool

indoor pool
Gyopi 10 years ago
Its not exactly an abandoned pool, but here are some pictures from the abandoned Surf Cincinnati water park.

addicted2pictures [deleted] 10 years ago
these photos make me feel sad, actually.....
MCX_Art_Girl 10 years ago
I am haunted by these images. I love them. I'll try to upload a few if I can figure out how to do it.
@404photo PRO 10 years ago
Pool & hoists

Sewage Pool
MCX_Art_Girl 10 years ago
pool stairs
Lee Otis 10 years ago
Near San Francisco:
graf pool
Using Flickr's new photo stats function, I see that the photo I posted in this discussion, and many others, have been used by a Japanese magazine called gigazine.net, see here.

I had reserved all rights for my photo this is slightly annoying, particuly because the site is full of paid advertisments.

Anyone else who reserved all rights to their shot feel annoyed about this??
Ruin T 10 years ago
That's why I got so many views on my swimming pool photos then!!
This empty world Posted 10 years ago. Edited by This empty world (member) 10 years ago
Unfortunately i don't run across many abandoned pools here in Washington. However, when I turned a corner deep in this building and saw this pool I imediately thought of this group...

The Lodge (18)

There are a few more shots of this in my stream. This building was magnificent.

coltonjared 10 years ago
Has anyone though off cleaning up one off these pools use them for your own use? Personally I try to fix up one of the indoor ones.
aveteva1 10 years ago
Resort Hotel 2
Lee Otis Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Lee Otis (member) 10 years ago
Here are two pools from an abandoned mineral springs resort in California:

Healing Waters

Soaking Pool
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