11:27am, 9 January 2013

Have been doing MACRO photo with my old Sony a33 and SAL 100m f2/8 and was very happy with it. Very good quality at very close range!

Moved on to the a77, same lens. Two problems I am having difficulty with:

Not sure if I am not used to the new camera, but I'd say it is 70% more difficult to get perfect focus than the a33.

I read a lot of thread with noise related complaints… but I seem to see a lot more noise in my macro shots as well.

My settings are generally as follows:
manual settings
f11 to f20 (f13 on average)
shutter speed 250 with twin SONY macro flash MT24AVM
all other settings are the same I used on my SONY a33

Any idea or advice from MACRO people?

aidys1 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by aidys1 (member) 4 years ago
Hi I use the A65 and Tamron 180mm f/3.5 and can’t say I have any issues with noise or focusing problems, I have also attached the teleplus 2x converter and extension tubes to this set up again without problems.

Sony A65 fully manual 1/200sec f/16 ISO 100
Tamron 180mm macro lens manual focus maximum magnification by gently moving lens back and forth.
Kenko 12mm extension tube
Kenko 2x teleconverter
2 x Minolta flashes 1/16 power right 1/8th power left either side of lens attach to camera with Manfrotto 330B twin flash bracket

Follow like for selection of images using this set up.

Overall i am very pleased with the shots produced by the A65 with has the same sensor as your A77 and would have to say it produces better results than my A550 A300 and A200.

Zachoff1 PRO 4 years ago

Can you post some shots so we can take a look?
Black Swan 147 PRO 4 years ago
As far as I can remember, this was taken with my A77 on manual focus, hand holding, using a Sigma 105mm F2.8 lens. ISO 400, 1/250sec @ f2.8. No noise either. Cant remember if I used a flash or not. If I did, it may have been off camera. Used to really struggle with my A550 doing macro, but no longer.

photobuf PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by photobuf (moderator) 4 years ago
I use the Sony A-77 with Sony 100mm F2.8 macro, and only when I get around to 3/4 life size does the lens hunt in AF (also did this on my previous A-700 - so must be the lens, finding it more difficult to focus in lower contrast situations perhaps), so I manual focus (focus peaking is so much more accurate than with MF on an A-77). Serious macro is all MF, so doesn't bother me to MF, especially with macro. I find it more accurate than AF also.

As for noise, at what ISO are you talking about? I find the A-77 better than my A-700 for noise. Easily fixed in Adobe Lightroom 3 or 4.

The FF A-99 is the best of the Sony SLTs for noise.
I have not done this but from the manual pg121

You can finely adjust the focus of each lens.
Perform this operation only when needed. Note that you may not be able to
properly focus on a subject if you have made a poor adjustment.
MENU button t 2 t [AF Micro Adj.] t [On] t [amount]
t Select the desired value
• The larger the value, the farther the focusing position from the camera;
the smaller the value, the nearer the focusing position to the camera.
• We recommend that you decide the value under actual shooting conditions.
• When you attach a lens that is registered on the camera, the registered value is
displayed. When you attach an unregistered lens, “±0” is displayed. If “–” is
displayed as the value, then a total of 30 lenses have been registered. When you want
to register a new lens, attach a lens for which you can delete its registered value, and
set that value to “±0,” or reset the values of all the lenses with [Clear].
• If you perform AF fine adjustment with a lens of other manufacturers, the
adjustment values of Sony, Minolta, and Konica Minolta lenses may be affected. Do
not use this function with any lens of other manufacturers.
• You cannot individually perform AF fine adjustment when using the Sony, Minolta,
and Konica Minolta lenses that have the same specifications.
photobuf PRO 4 years ago
Another thng that helps for macro, if you prefer to AF is to set the AF speed to slow, and it helps to reduce AF hunting. Still I find at higher ratios, AF hunting can still occur, but is reduced if AF speed is set to slow in the menu.

Thanks for all the tips: experimenting and tuning up my settings and results are MUCH better.

I found out that going down to ISO50, keeping aperture to f13 (the front dial which is my quick f setting can very often be touched accidentally and screw up my settings…), shutter speed 1/250 and a flash Exposure compensation of +3ev gave excellent focus. Tuning the white balance also helps.

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