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A1one A.k.a Tanha ADMIN May 27, 2014
In This Group You can join if You are A friend ,a photographer or own some works of Iranian Graffiti writer-A1one.
Help us collect shoots reagarding the appearance of A1one's works in public,galleries,streets or homes of you friends and comrades.,
" Please Do not Submit Images with no ralation to A1one (Alonewriter)

Group Description

A1one lives and works in Tehran. A1one, the first proper street artist in Tehran started as a stencil artist in 2003 when he sprayed his version of Munch's "Scream" on the walls of his university in Tehran. He describes his work as being influenced by his own personal experiences and that it is not political protest as such, but more comments on social issues. A1one is now a very active street artist and works of his such as "Leave me alone", "Mid East Resist" and different versions of "Bomb Child" have become widely recognised. With his friends at the Kolah Studio A1one is currently active in organising the first truly international street art exhibition in Iran. A1one sprays on several mediums such as canvas, paper, cardboard and vinyl.

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