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fifich@t - OFFforever ADMIN May 12, 2018
Sorry , it's closed . I can no longer stay on Flickr
We expect you to award at least 2 images as a mark of courtesy and respect for the work of others.


persist in posting non-square=BAN

3+ POST HERE for an invite to ASE

Group Description

If you've got an admin invite,Please JOIN US WHEN YOU POST ! You must be a member in order your photos can be displayed in the pool .
All images must be Square , should not be lower than 500 X 480

NOT COMMENTING , as well as RE-POSTING will result in DELETING pictures from the pool and BANNING from this group and all sister-groups

On Flickr, some groups have a higher level and/or a thread "excellence", reachable from a certain number of awards, 3, 4, or 5 ..,which implies that everyone participates in the groups life
Do you really think it's fair to win awards without giving one single ?
You take beautiful photos, the others also......So don't be selfish nor pretentious and respect the work of others
If you do not agree to award others ,if the work of others does not interest you , Don't post here ,

SQUARE pictures ONLY ! Please
people who persist in posting rectangular pictures , might be banned

# photos must be visible to everyone
# don't post several pictures in a row , even if invited (only one will remain in the pool)
# No Frames Square ( the group rules )
Horizontal and Vertical Frames Square please post your submission to the A Square Legend group.



Please post your monochrome image in the sister-group for monochrome = A SQUARE GRAYSCALE

No Second Life .
No computer generated graphics or heavily processed

Only things taken with a camera , analog or digital

group id="1606661@N22"

FULL-COLOUR square only ; Award one or more // Adding one .
Before you have compliment from others , you need to praise others first .
If you don't like to comment [award] to the other image , please don't add your image to group .

icon_member_admin Attention !!
We use pool sweeper software and will announce the account which doesn't give awards often
( no pain no gain ) fair and reasonable , right !?

All images must be a 5x5 Square , should not be lower than 5x4.8 or 4.8x5
( if anyone don’t follow group rule~ Admins will remove your image !! ) so sorry .

Images not meeting high standards will be removed , even if invited .

Any question , please contact the admin who invites your image
( Please read the rules before asking the administrator ) .

Thanks for your join and use award comments .


10 AWARD- 翱.....

9 AWARD- 織.....

8 AWARD- may be or may be not.....
may be or may be not...

8 AWARD- 2s/6d a Gallon.....[Explore].....
2s/6d  a Gallon.....[Explore]

7 AWARD- The Blue Clock.....
The Blue Clock

7 AWARD- ritratto.....

7 AWARD- 謙者識高 德者延年.....
謙者識高 德者延年

Unforgettable Fire
Links to our Sister Groups -
A Square / A Square Grayscale / A Square Reservation / A Square Unforgettable Fire .

Group Rules

-- Square Format ONLY

--Please award at least 1 other work with the group-award . Not commenting will result in deleting pictures and could result in banning from this group and all sister-groups

--Unpolite behaviour, including blocking of admin or mods is cause for

--No re-posting of Images - such images will be deleted immediately, and this practice could result in banning from the group.

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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