Manx photos 10:05pm, 23 July 2010
Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here, and although it's late on Friday night and I'm shattered after a long week, I'm also a bit confused:

For each image I post, do I have to award any three images in the pool using the comment code AND write a comment on another three images, or do I just use the comment code on any 3?...

See what I mean?

It's the way it's worded on the front page that's got me befuddled - or is it because I'm tired? I'll wait and see what response I get, but in the meantime I'm off to sleep.

Thanks folks.
mags black 6 years ago
I agree, it is a bit confusing but to be on the safe side I awarded and commented :)
Liamfm . PRO 5 years ago
I'm also confused about the title ,National Photographers Association ! What nation or nationality is it referring to . and in what ways other than on Flickr do you associate ?
I consider Flickr to be international,hence my confusion !
pbonf 4 years ago
Hola quería saber... qué significa que me hayan dado un award?
Es solo para felicitarme por la foto o también debería subirla?
Soy nueva en los grupos de flickr

(I wanted to know what does it mean to be awarded, if it's just for congratulating me or if I should upload my photo to the group!)
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