2fa2pa [part2] 3:52pm, 17 September 2008
I prefer the USA side because you are closer at the water and there isn't as much tourism as in small Las Vegas of Canada.
William Wilson 1974 PRO 10 years ago
I like The Canadian Side better cuz there is a lot more things to do and the landscape is better then NY. But, I do like NY Side to cuz not to many people on that side. I live on The NY Side in The City. Thanks for bringy up this topic.
earsplitting growth [deleted] 10 years ago
I like The NY side due to the customs
Harry1125 10 years ago
I'm from the USA. The New York side is better when it comes to the ease, not going through customs. Although there is a lot more to do in Niagara Falls Canada, which is where we've vacationed.
Boost01 10 years ago
Canadian all the way, great views of both falls... although I wish Clifton Hill would just fall into the gorge.
Photography By Marc 4 years ago
Clifton Hill has been RUINED!!! My 1st visit to Niagara was in 1961 and it was unspoiled and beautiful...just before the completion of the Prospect Point Tower. Was there in August of 2013 for the 1st time in 20 years...and the Hill looked like Vegas...many people...shops...attractions...etc...takes away from the natural beauty of the Falls. Course I had to join my Dad in the Casino...he loved it there.

Quite different...the US side still remains relatively untouched and hope it remains that way.
NY Joe 4 years ago
The Canadian side. It's feels safer. Less of a third world look to it.
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