William Wilson 1974 PRO 4:33pm, 3 August 2008
Introduce yourself here!

This is the official thread for new user introductions. Please post them here =^_^=.
O boy i get to be first :) lol ok well im Ontario Mommy and i have been in this group for a few weeks. I am in niagara falls and can even hear the water rushing over the falls at night sometimes. Well lets see i am in my 30's and have 3 kids well 4 if you count the hubby and when i get the time i like to run away and take pictures and water falls and other things to do with nature around our area, i am always trying to find new ways to get better and better at this so anybody can feel free to look at my pics and any info that may help would be great too.
johncpiercy PRO 10 years ago
Im JP from Hamilton ..
Been on Flickr since the beginning,, 2004
Ive been shooting digital since 2000 ,, love technology and social media .
I have the
We do photowalks and meetups .

I started the but this past March , had to pass it along to another member .

Hmmmm I have about 4000 photos up on flickr ,,, and I have a lot of Niagara Falls photos ... summer winter and fall ...

check out my sets

krislea79 PRO 10 years ago
Hi this is Kristy from Binghamton...thanks for the group invite!
spotless chance [deleted] 10 years ago
sprinter955 10 years ago
Hello this is Tom from Holland, europe. I was at the falls for 2 days. It was great to be there. Very impressive. I dont think I will go there ever again. Why? The world is too big to see things twice :)
charlotte.morse PRO 10 years ago
Hi this is Charlotte from the UK - thanks for the group invite and I've just added a few more now.
My son and I spent a week in Niagara in May 08 and made sure we visited everywhere and everthing - it was fab!
Nodster 10 years ago
Hey, this is Paul, from the UK, and I just came back from a trip to Canada, have added the invited photos to the group, and have plenty more to share if y'all want :)
Images By Madeline PRO 10 years ago
Hi, just joined the group tonight. I found some of my old (1993) photos and started missing Niagara. Love all the pictures in this group ... planning on visiting again very soon!

I'm in South Jersey aka The Jersey Shore!
TFrost48 10 years ago
Hello... Just joined the group tonight myself. Made my first visit to Niagara Falls week before last, and loved every minute of it...

The next time I can pry myself out of Northern Virginia, I might just have to visit the falls again.
triperotto 10 years ago
Hi, just joined the group, I'm from Italy
I was in holyday in the USA this summer and made some pictures that are hosted in my account.
Please enjoy together with some other beautiful places i've visited in the past.
hugooanhtai70 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by hugooanhtai70 (member) 10 years ago
Hello, I am from Toronto. My wife is new to Canada so I decided to take her to the Falls for a few days and tried out my Nikon D80.
Krista Greenwald 10 years ago
from chicago.
went to niagara falls for a wedding.
got invited to the group.
now in the group.
awesome story.
lopsided run [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I am from Cornwall, UK. I was in Canada this summer. We have family in Toronto. I love the Falls, altho the town makes me feel quite ill. !
The falls hypnotise me. Its the most amazing sight and atmosphere.
pathlost 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite, I was across in Toronto last week and took a day trip to Niagara which was amazing.
Now back home in Scotland...
2fa2pa [part2] 10 years ago
I am from Stuttgart in Germany. Made a small trip along the Eastern USA, From Niagara Falls to Florida
PeriRainPhotography 10 years ago
My name is Charity, Iam from Ontario born and raised.
sagarraste 10 years ago
Hi I am Sagar. I am from India. I was at Niagara on 4th July...
Not to mention that Falls are great. But the way it is made available and presented to us makes it more interesting.
I am an amateur photographer... All my pics available at are captured by Sony Cybershot D650... I plan to by SLR this year end... (Any advice from you on make, type, etc would help me)...
I am glad to be part of this community....

Keep on clicking...
Camera Diaz 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I'm Antony from the UK; living in the midwest of the US. A 9 hour drive to Niagara from where I live, but I liked it so much the first time that we did the journey again 6 months later. Both times only stayed about 24-30 hours; literally crammed it all into a weekend. Unfortunately gas prices make it not so attractive of a drive anymore. Beautiful part of the continent.
Dalai Felinto 10 years ago
Hi I am Dalai from Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).

I had the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls last month. Amazing.
I've been to Foz de Iguaçu (Brazilian falls) as well, and sincerely I recommend both of them :)
Each one has it own beauty. And different ways to integrate with the city (Iguaçu is more nature integrated.
Harry1125 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Harry from the United States.
Recently went to Niagara Falls Canada late in the summer.
Took pics with my Kodak Z1280 of the Falls.
I was invited into this group.
letisha81 PRO 10 years ago
Hi I'm letisha from Singapore. Visit Niagara Falls on 11 Oct 2008. Only spend a day there but will visit the falls again.
Thanks for the invitation to the group. (">)
wisenicesam 10 years ago
Hi All, I am Sam from Groton,CT. This summer I went to Niagara fall. I have Canon Xsi and Sony T200. Thanks for the invitation.
Farhannk Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Farhannk (member) 10 years ago
Hello there.. I m Farhan, 36, from Karachi - Pakistan. Last time i came to Canada was in 2006 december. It was fun as that was the start of the winters. Been to falls also, First time i visited was in 2000 me and wife only, 2nd time was 2004 with our eldest son accompanied with us, and 3rd time in 2006 with our Youngest son. It was a great fun. I m planing to come again in 2009 end or mid Twenty Ten. :) :) :)
William Wilson 1974 PRO 10 years ago
Thanks everyone for joining.

I live in Niagara Falls, NY and I love it. I live here since July 1st, 2008.

If you all want to, you can invite your friends and contacts to this Nature Touching Group. You all got nice pictures.
TimmayK 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Tim, I'm 27, and I live in Niagara Falls, NY. I've lived here for my entire life and am probably not going anywhere anytime soon. I'll have plenty of pictures to add as I take them, and hopefully a good number of them will be of things that aren't always seen by our casual visitors
thirtypaws PRO 10 years ago
Howdy from Texas; got an invite due to a couple of pics I posted; not sure how to post them here; help?
qbix08 10 years ago
Hello Im William. Im 28 and from Birmingham, UK. I went to Niagra Falls (Canadian side) last year and what an amazing place. It was a shame I was only there for 24 hours as it was at the tail end of my visit to NY.
Boost01 10 years ago
Kevin... from St Catharines (via Liverpool, UK). I love going down The Falls to take pictures, but I am sorry... I hate all your tourists getting in my way :)

I will be getting my revenge in a few weeks when I go home to London and Den Haag.
Photography By Marc 7 years ago
Lived here in Maine since 1954 but born in Batavia, NY and used to visit my grandparents a lot earlier in my life and the visited the Falls often. Posted some earlier photos taken by my grandparents before the fall of Prospect Point in 1954 and some when I was younger tool. Have more to add in the future when I can find them and hope to get back there again some day for new photo ops.

Thanks for letting my join.
iMJ2009 7 years ago

I have joined this group as I'm off to Niagara Falls on Saturday for a few days. (Many thanks to my wide for arranging a fantastic birthday treat)
libbyphotographs 7 years ago
Hi I am Liz and came to Niagara on my first visit to Canada at the summer 2011. Took some photos but certainly not in the league of some on here. Loved the place and hope to come back soon.
johntikoypelayo 7 years ago
hi im john from th uk.went to toronto in oct 2011 then we went to niagara around th e1st of nov.bad news was we didnt know that the maid of the mist closed around the 1st week of october because of the season.but i was able to try niagara heli with my family and it was gonna share some of my shots.thanks..
piquant voyage [deleted] 7 years ago
Hi, I'm Lisa from Minnesota. My husband and I got married on July 14, 2010 in Niagara Falls. It was so very beautiful and special, both the scenery and the fact that it was my second marriage after an abusive first one and his first marriage at the age of 46. We're very happy together and cherish our time in Niagara Falls.
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