maurice flower 12:11am, 18 July 2007
Hi Everyone!

I have a start-up picture for my new ’linkr idea’. Here it is:

And today I wrote my first presentation for my original idea. This text will probably be changed many times around!

Here is the original text:

. /.
This set is created on the 2007-07-18.
At 1.20 am Swedish time.

Hello Dear Visitor!

I am just now figuring out how to do this in a smart way – and so it also is visually interesting...

The main idea is to have many links here that leads to other photographer’s, or ”Flickrarian’s, photographs and to notes i ahve done in their photostreams. It can also be links because of some association I get when I upload pictures to this set.

So there will be a lot of links here that will lead exteranly into other photostreams...maybe even externaly outside Flickr.

I don’t know yet how I shall have it done or where this will lead me.

I will go with the flow...

Best regards,

Hans ”maurice flower”
in Stockholm, Sweden

P.S. Do you have any suggestion to me for how create this futher; feel free to let me know! :-)
. /.

That’s it!

Wellcome over and visit! Maybe you have some idea...or link for me that you think would suit me. :-)

Best regards,
Hans - in Stockholm, Sweden
Tarky7 11 years ago
Thanks Hans, I will check out your creation in a day or two and give you some feedback !
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